Reaching Tanjung Lancur Lighthouse in Selat Nasik District, Belitung

When it comes to a lighthouse, people in Belitung would refer to Kepayang Island. Though, there is another location to see such kind of structure. It is in Selat Nasik District. The lighthouse is located in Lancur Cape. It functions well as it becomes the guide for incoming ships in Mandanau Island. This area is also famous for its historical value. According to the locals, Selat Nasik was the battlefield between the Dutch’s army and the natives. Both the lighthouse and Selat Nasik District is worth a visit.

The Nuance
The lighthouse is located on the highland. It is surrounded by bushy plants and many trees. Below, you can find the shorelines. No worries. You are able to reach them. In order to enter the lighthouse, you should follow the path. It takes much energy, but it is worth an effort. It is possible to climb up to the top of the lighthouse. From above, the views may mesmerize you instantly. During summer, the sky is cloudless and the wind blows gently!

Exploring Lancur Cape
The lighthouse belongs to Selat Nasik District. Tourists come here for different reasons, though. Some of them are attracted to the history. Selat Nasik was a soldier. He died during a fight against the enemies. His name is engraved on Mendanau Monument of Struggle. Once you visit the monument, your next destination should be the lighthouse. On the top of this structure, you can witness a majestic view of Petaling Mountain. The weather is nice, as well. It is definitely a good place to relax.

Next, you must meet the locals. You can even consider them as friends. They may suggest the next tourist spot, which is Pasir Panjang Beach. The thing is you need more efforts to reach the beach. The route is meander. Not to mention your trip features numerous forests. No worries. The beauty of the beach may amaze you as if it replenishes your tiredness. From the seashore, you can see the lighthouse. Such structure looks majestic from afar. It is an opportunity to take several pictures of it. The other objects are worthy, too.

If you are lucky, the locals may invite you to their house. Selat Nasik District also holds several traditional houses. These are not the same to those of Belitung’s traditional houses. The main difference is the absence of a yard. The local settlement becomes more interesting at night. You can talk and learn the local cultures. In some occasions, villagers conduct some performances like dances and music.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
From Tanjung Pandan, you must head south. Your first checkpoint is Tanjung RU. From here, hire a speed boat and head to Mendanau Island. Once you reach the island, your destination is Selat Nasik District. To make it simpler, you should come with the local. He or she may guide you to Lancur Cape. The lighthouse is located in that area. One thing, you should not expect lots of accommodations and facilities. That means you can only find them on Tanjung Pandan City.

Where to Stay

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  • Lux Melati Hotel
  • Grand Hatika Hotel

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