Beach Walking in Serdang Beach, Manggar

Manggar City is one of top vacation spots in East Belitung. It offers a stunning Serdang Beach. The beach has a similar beauty to those of the Belitung’s beaches. Due to its location, you may expect bigger waves than other beaches. Many visitors are seen every day. That means the beach is quite famous. The most crowded time is during holidays or weekends. What is so special? Unlike other beaches with their coconut trees, Serdang features pine trees instead. These trees are neat and shady. What a great view!

The Nuance
Serdang Beach offers a shady and soothing ambiance. Thanks to the pine trees. Grasses also grow around those trees. In the shorelines, there are many fishermen’s boats. The locals park their boat neatly here. Here is the thing. These boats come in numerous colors. They improve the beauty of the beach. Next, it is the sand. Just like other Belitung’s beaches, it features white and soft sand. Though, the seawater features strong waves. Some tourists wouldn’t dare to swim here. What about you?

Exploring Serdang Beach
There are many things to do in Serdang Beach. For instance, it is beach walking. All the features of the beach make an amazing ambiance. It is even possible to walk on the beach barefoot. Thanks to the sand’s soft texture. The calm wind makes you comfortable. Even though the water isn’t quite clear, it is worth to explore. You can play water in the shorelines. Though, don’t get too far. As mentioned before, the waves aren’t safe.

The next attraction is the colorful Katir boats. There are two types of traditional boats on the beach. They are made of different materials. The most common one is the wood. Today, some fishermen own a boat that is made of fiberglass. Both of these types use a similar small motor, though. If you come at the right time, you can witness a unique festival. The locals conduct an attraction using such boats. It will be fun, so make sure you don’t miss it.

Another interesting thing is the culinary. The beach becomes the center of attraction. The local foods aren’t an exception. Near to the beach, you can find some local food stands. The locals call them “warungs”. They offer Belitung’s traditional foods. Also, you can enjoy delicious coffee, which is a Manggar’s specialty. With all these attractions, your vacation in Serdang Beach is going to be amazing. It is worth your money and effort. Moreover, there are some nearby tourist spots. You can reach them easily from Serdang.

Nearby Attractions

  • Kata Museum
  • Burung Mandi Beach

How to Get There
Your first destination is Manggar City. It is in East Belitung, actually. In order to reach the city, you can take numerous types of transportation. An ojeck is a common option. For many, it is not comfortable. That means you should rent a car for the best trip. If you come from Tanjung Pandan City, it takes about 95 minutes. The distance is 75 km, so it is going to be a long trip. It will be a shorter trip if you come from the airport, though.

Where to Stay

  • Oasis Hotel
  • Nusa Indah II Hotel
  • Horison Hotel

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