The old town of Muntok is located in the western region of Bangka Island, and becomes the capital of West Bangka Regency, and it also a historical rich town in case of the legacies of European, Chinese, and Malay cultures.

Muntok or Mentok was once an important harbor town, where through this harbor, there were top commodities of Bangka-Belitung including pepper and tin hauled to Dutch merchant ships before they found their way to the major cities in Europe. At early begin, the Dutch made this city as government significant role. Hence, no wonder that you will find the town filled with large number of Dutch heritage buildings that still stand tall and strong today as the witness to a golden bygone era. Besides Dutch legacies, the town is also decorated with Chinese and Malay architecture. The very existence of these unique buildings divides the city into three major clusters, which is the old European town, The Chinatown, and the Malay Town.

For Indonesia, Muntok is also played an important role in the national history, where there are two historical building within Muntok: Pesanggrahan Menumbing and Wisma Ranggam that were once used as an exile homes for the first President and Vice President of Indonesia Soekarno and Mohammad Hatta between 1948-1949.

How to get there :
The town of Muntok is situated about 140Km from Pangkalpinang , capital of Bangka Belitung Province, on the island of Bangka, or an approximate 3 hours’ drive. You can reach this town by public bus, or special transportation (travel mini buses) talomg the Pangkalpinang-Muntok route. If you prefer ease and convenience you can rent a car from Pangkalpinang.

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