Kepayang Island

Kepayang Island is the largest island among dozens of small clusters and exotic islands in the North Belitung. The island is also being called as Pulau Babi or Pig Island. The area of the island is approximately 14 hectares with some interesting beach side.

This island is clearly visible from the western coast of Tanjung Kelayang. The visitors who come to this beach is usually using boat from the port of Tanjung Kelayang that takes around 10 minutes drive. One other popular place that also visited by the visitor is Pasir Island, which is actually an extension of Kepayang island that settled in the north.

The white sand on the Southeast side of the Kepayang Island, which is located a few hundred meters from Pasir Island, is one of the berths to stop at the island, especially if the sea water is receding. The white sand stretches along the side of the South and Southeast of this island. There are almost no granite at this place,it only white sandy beach with a length of about 300 meters.

On the mainland there is line of coconut garden, while on the north coast the conditions are less attractive because of sharp rocks covered and slippery. The South side of the island, that facing Pasir Island, is one of the best sides to enjoy the island. The sea off the coast is also good to play; the sea is not too deep and it has fine sandy seabed. Currently, there are no buildings on the South side of the island, but there are only a few of Ketapan tree shade for shelter.

Kepayang beach is also the place for turtle breeding. Those who want to see the turtle laying the egg should have registration for guest book at the entrance gate. There will be officers that guide us to see the turtles.

Kepayang or Babi Island is located not far Lengkuas Island, the island that popular with the lighthouse right at the seashore. From Lengkuas we can see Pig Island directly. If you come from outside Bangka Belitung, from H.A.S Hanandjoeddin airport Tanjung Pandan you can continue the journey to the heart of Tanjung Pandan by using taxi for 30 minutes.

In this city, you can find hotel or inn before continuing the journey to Tanjung Tinggi beach and Tanjung Kelayang, because both sites are reachable by using fishing boats or rented boat from the island to the other islands, including Kepayang Island.

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