Mudong Beach

Mudong Beach is one destination located at the border of Manggar sub-district and Gantong sub-district, Belitung Timur district, Bangka Belitung Province. This beach is also known as Rekreasi Ghina Beach. Located on the eastern area of Belitung Island, this beach has unspoiled and natural condition.

Just like other beaches located in Belitung Island, this beach has white sand, clear sea water, sloping beach contour and small wave making this beach safe to swim on. You can also go fishing at the beach. The horizon scenery in Mudong Beach is always seen by many people making it crowded always in the afternoon. The palm trees waving in line on the edge of the beach also enliven the atmosphere of Mudong Beach which has ever been used as shooting scene for ‘Sang Pemimpi’ movie soundtrack.

To get to Mudong Beach, you can rent an ojeg from the heart of Belitung Timur City, Manggar for about IDR 10,000. If you want to get to Mudong Beach from Tanjungpandan City, you can rent a car for about IDR 250,000.

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