Fabulous Leebong Beach in Belitung Island

In the west part of Belitung Island, you can find a small island called Leebong. The locals also call it Lelebong Island. It is considered a unique tourist destination for both domestic and foreign visitors. The location is quite extreme. It is because you should spend much time reaching the island. The distance is about 70 km from Lengkuas Island. Leebong is the home of water sports. There are limitless activities to do on this island. Not to mention it features many facilities.

The Nuance
The main feature of Leebong Beach is the white sand. It is quite stunning as if you are in a paradise. Apart from such beautiful sand, the beach features clear green Tosca water. The waves aren’t too strong either. In the land, there is a tropical forest. It consists of numerous plants and trees. Not to mention you can find many types of local birds. In the shorelines, there is a wooden pier and a small dock. It is a good place to relax and enjoy the breezy atmosphere.

Exploring Leebong Beach
As the name suggests, Leebong Beach is situated in Leebong Island. It offers numerous attractions. Most people come here to enjoy water sports. These include water cycling, kayaking, etc. There are also some spots for relaxing. It is a simple as sit on the gazebo. You can even find some loungers. For a group vacation, you can rent a banana boat. The price varies and it depends on the season. Here is the tip. You need to carry lots of money as there are many fun things to try!

Next, it is the atmosphere. Leebong Beach is situated near to a local settlement. You may witness traditional houses and mangroves. These make a perfect nuance for a vacation. On top of that, the beach has a stunning beauty. The sand is white and the water is suitable for numerous water sports. Once you enjoy all those features, you can rest in a cottage. From here, tourists are able to witness superb sunset view. If you come with your spouse, it is going to be a romantic vacation.

Another attraction is the tree house. As the name implies, there is a building on a tree. It is actually a villa. You can rent a room for resting, as well. The room features several glasses, so you can explore the scenery outside the windows. This tree house also features a terrace. It is the best spot for sightseeing. In the same location, you can find a rocking chair. Next to it, there are a couple of wooden benches.

Nearby Attractions

  • Mandanau Island

How to Get There
From Tanjung Pandan, the trip takes approximately 50 minutes. The distance is 33 km, after all. One thing, it also involves a speedboat. Use Gajah Mada Street to Sudirman Street. Once you reach Lesung Batang, take Hasyim Idris and Pegantungan Street. Your destination is Tanjung Ru. From here, you need to take a speedboat to Leebong Island. Your last trip is to the beach. No worries. It only takes a few minutes. It also involves some walking, though.

Where to Stay

  • Zarra Villa
  • Lux Melati Hotel
  • Grand Hatika Hotel
  • Central City Hotel

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