Bangka Island

Bangka is an island which located in East side of Sumatra Island and part of Bangka Belitung archipelago (Babel). Bangka according to Bangka people’s daily language means “old man” or “very old”, so the island of Bangka can be interpreted as “the old island.” When referring to the mineral sources, this island is very rich with Mineral of Tin, which is why people called this island as Bangka, taken from Wangka, which means Tin or Timah (Indonesian language).

According to folklore, Bangka Island has no indigenous people; all the residents were migrants from tribal tribe called Sekak People. Browse Dollar General Ad on WeeklyAds2. This people were still adhered to animism. Then enter the nation of Malay from the Malacca brought Islam to this island which then evolved until present time.

Bangka was ceded to Britain by the sultan of Palembang in 1812, but in 1814 it was exchanged with the Dutch for Cochin in India. The island was occupied by the Japanese from Februari 1942 to August 1945. It became part of independent Indonesia in 1949. The island, together with neighboring Belitung, was formerly part of South Sumatra (Sumatera Selatan) province, but in 2000 the two islands became the new province of Bangka-Belitung.

Bangka is an exotic island; it has so many destinations which most of all are majoring on marine tourism objects. It has many beautiful beaches that settled to spoil the tourists. The beaches are include: Parai Tenggiri beach, Matras beach, Tanjung Pesona beach, Tikus beach, Tanjung Kalian beach, Tanjung Ular beach, Pasir Kuning beach, Tanjung Labu beach, Gunung Namak beach, Tanjung Kerasak beach, Batu Ampar beach, and many more and more. You can find more exotic beach in Bangka.

On nature tourism objects, they have: Tanjung Kalian Lighthouse, Dendang Hotspring, Nanas Island, Batu Balai, Sumur Dewa, Sekar Biru Lake, Kurau Fisherman Village, Pelepas Isalnd, Nangka Island, Semujur Island, Panjang Island, Ketawai Island and Maras Mountain. And Still, many more destinations will wait for your explore.

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