Wawolesea Hot Spring in North Konawe Regency, Southeast Sulawesi Province

There are many ways to enjoy a beautiful vacation and one of them is to spend some time in a hot spring. There is a renowned reference in North Konawe Regency, which is called Wawolesea Hot Spring. Not only it attracts local tourists, the hot spring also becomes the lure for outsiders. Many people come from other provinces, including Jakarta Special Region. Thanks to the warm and refreshing water, visitors would be able to enjoy a comfortable bath there. Not to mention the environment is quite soothing.

The Nuance
Once you get to the hot spring, you can feel a comfortable and relaxing nuance. The water is clear and warm as if it mesmerizes any visitors. The hot spring consists of several ponds and it is surrounded by trees. No wonder, it gives a perfect comfort a serene nuance. During holidays, the hot spring gets many visitors including families, kids, and elderly. Many of them come to relax, while the others want to heal some diseases and replenish their stamina. It is true that the locals believe the hot spring has a healing effect, especially to light diseases.

Exploring Wawolesea Hot Spring
What can tourists do in Wawolesea Hot Spring? It is a no brainer! They are likely to get in the water and enjoy a comfortable bathing. There is a unique thing related to this hot spring, though. Unlike regular hot springs, which feature freshwater, Wawolesea has salty water instead. It is similar to seawater, but it comes with a sulfuric aroma. Despite this uniqueness, the hot spring offers a comfortable sensation and healing properties. No wonder, most visitors would get in the water and take some time to relax. What about you?

Both men and women should take advantage of Wawolesea Hot Spring. Why is that? It is said the water is able to eradicate dead skin cells, so it helps improve the quality of your skin. Apart from the water, the hot spring features stunning scenery, especially Limestone Mountains. That means you can enjoy the bath while witnessing such beautiful landmark. It is likely you are going to spend hours in such spot, so make sure to prepare snacks and drinks beforehand as no nearby facilities are available.

Once you enjoy your time in Wawolesea Hot Spring, it is time to explore nearby locations. For instance, there is a hill in the east part of the hot spring. From the top of the hill, you can see jaw-dropping scenery like exotic sea views and a limestone landscape. Not to mention many local creatures live in this area, including birds, deer, and monkeys. You get lucky if you encounter them while exploring such region.

Nearby Attractions

  • Taipa Beach
  • Labengki Island
  • Panggulawu Beach

How to Get There
A trip to Wawolesea Hot Spring takes 3-4 hours from Kendari City as the distance is 142 km. The fastest way to reach the location is Poros Bungku – Kendari Street and the best vehicle is a car. For those who come from Jakarta, your first destination is Kendari City and it involves a flight to Haluoleo Airport. Later, you can take either a taxi or rented car to reach North Konawe Regency. If necessary, you should hire a tour guide.

Where to Stay

  • Asera Hotel
  • Sawa Beach Resort

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