Citraland Waterpark in Kendari City, Southeast Sulawesi Province

A family vacation usually involves a fun and comfortable tourist spot. There is a reference in Kendari City. The name is Citraland Waterpark. To be exact, the location is in Bonggoeya Village. It is part of Wua-Wua District. As the name implies, it is a site for playing water. Many beautiful rides are available here. No wonder, most of the visitors are families. They often come with kids and relatives. The waterpark becomes crowded every weekends and holiday. It is because both locals and outsiders want to spend good times during the day offs.

The Nuance
The waterpark features the different shape of slides. There are both spiral and direct slides. Each of them features a ship ornament. That means the kids may climb the ship like a pirate and use the slide to go down to the water. It is both fun and challenging. When it comes to the pool, it is shallow. The water is clear, as well. Therefore, it is suitable for children regardless of the age. The other ornaments are palm tree statues and a park. Overall, the waterpark is stunning and fun.

Exploring Citraland Waterpark
The waterpark is considered a new tourist spot. The width is about 1 ha. In fact, it is the biggest waterpark in Southeast Sulawesi Province. Not to mention it has attracted local visitors and outsiders. The location is inside Citraland Residence. That means most of the visitors are the nearby residents. Fortunately, it opens for public. Everyone is allowed to enter it and enjoy playing water on this site. This way, Wua-Wua District is able to lure more tourists to come and explore other vacation spots in such region. Thanks to Citraland Waterpark.

The main theme of the waterpark is the Caribbean Adventures. No wonder, many ornaments represent a life of a pirate. Waterslides are a must. According to locals, the whole project took about IDR 16 billion. This is the number of money invested by businessmen and developers. Hopefully, it can be as famous as that of the Surabaya’s Waterpark. Still, the targets are families with kids. The waterpark has the vision to be a reliable family vacation spot in Wua-Wua and Southeast Sulawesi Province.

As for the tips, you should carry extra clothes. There is a chance to get wet even though you don’t want to get in the water. The splash of the water is definitely unpredictable. Next, pay attention to your kids. They may play around and run carelessly. The floor is slippery, so everyone can easily get hurt by falling. Also, it is possible to carry and eat snacks. The thing is you must take care of the trash well. Don’t litter!

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
Citraland Waterpark is situated in Kendari City. From Jakarta, your destination is Haluoleo Airport. From there, take a local transportation service to reach Bonggoeya Village. It takes only a few minutes and the distance is 4.8 km. The best route to reach the location is Brigjen Moh. Joenoes Street. Next, you can take Poros Bandara Haluoleo Street to KH. Ahmad Dahlan Street. It is as simple as that.

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  • Adipati Hotel

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