Meleura Beach in Lakarinta Village, Southeast Sulawesi Province

Indonesia is the home of natural attractions. That means you can find numerous beaches, as well. In Southeast Sulawesi Province, there is a stunning beach called Meleura. The locals even call it as the new version of Raja Ampat. The beach is located in Lakarinta Village, Lohia District. It belongs to Muna Regency, actually. From Raha City, the distance is only 18 km. Meleura offers stunning sea views and calm seawater. No wonder, tourists keep coming in order to enjoy beach sports and play in the water.

The Nuance
The flawless beauty of Meleura Beach is definitely mesmerizing. The best features are the white sand and crystal clear water. The shorelines are quite shallow, so you can play wholeheartedly in it. On top of that, the waves are safe and calm. In the back, there are some coconut trees. They are situated on a plain grassy land. Another interesting feature of the beach is the wooden pier. In terms of size, it is short. Yet, it becomes the best location, especially for sightseeing and fishing.

Exploring Meleura Beach
Along the way to Meleura Beach, you may see a beautiful formation of limestone. The locals often come to that area for farming. From afar, you can also see some traditional houses. That means the beach and the local settlement are located near to each other. Another feature for sightseeing is the coconut trees. They look tall and shady. You can even see it along the way to reach the beach. Near to Meleura, there is Terapung Cave. The location is on the roadside, so you are able to notice it easily.

Beach walking becomes a compulsory activity in Meleura Beach. The soft beach sand and the stunning views of the sea never disappoint the guests. Not to mention the wind is warm and comfortable. These features combine into one and provide you a perfect nuance for relaxation. Next thing to do is playing in the water. The shallow parts of the shoreline become tourists’ favorite spot to enjoy water sports. It can be as simple as swimming, though. That means you are going to wet. Due to this reason, you should carry extra underwear.

Another interesting feature is Meleura Beach is the facility. Tourists are able to enjoy many types of amenities such as gazebos, villas, toilets, and a resting place. Overall, it reminds you of a beautiful tourist spot in Papua, which is Raja Ampat. You don’t even need to spend much money on exploring that coastal area. What you need are only good navigation and several snacks. Also, there is an opportunity to visit other interesting tourist destinations near to Meleura Beach.

Nearby Attractions

  • Jati Monument
  • Raha Square
  • Napabale Beach
  • Moko Kawu-Kawu Lake
  • Terapung Cave

How to Get There
The distance between Kendari City and Meleura Beach is 154 km. First, you must head to Lohia District. Once you get there, it is time to reach Lakarinta Village. From there, you won’t spend too much time to reach the beach. The whole trip takes roughly 8-9 hours.

Where to Stay

  • Alia Hotel
  • Andalas Hotel
  • Berlian Hotel

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