Taba-Tabaro Beach in Batu Jaya Village, Southeast Sulawesi Province

Beaches always become a good option when it comes to a holiday. In this case, Southeast Sulawesi Province should be proud of their beaches. This region gives many choices for travelers to explore coastal areas and one of them is situated in Batu Jaya Village. The name is Taba-tabaro Beach and it belongs to South Konawe Regency. The question is what people can enjoy on this beach. Not only it has a charming landscape, but it also becomes the home of local fishermen.

The Nuance
Taba-tabaro Beach is considered unique as it combines unspoiled nature beauty and a small settlement. That means you may expect several huts near to the shoreline and some traditional boats anchored in the seashore. The seawater seems calm and clear, so visitors are possible to swim in it. In the back, there is a formation of coconut trees and other types of plants. Some bushes also become a feature there. When it comes to the sun, it is white and has a soft texture. Some villagers are also seen doing daily routines near to the beach. Somehow, they become a unique attraction there.

Exploring Taba-tabaro Beach
With the width 300 meters, the shoreline is suitable for beach walking. There is even a formation of coconut trees and white sand. All of them combine into flawless nature scenery and amuse any tourists. The best view in Taba-Tabaro Beach is the Buton Strait, which emits stunning atmosphere. With all these breathtaking views, you have an opportunity to enjoy photography, so make sure to carry a camera! Apart from that, the beautiful scenery of the beach is suitable for practicing painting. Sometimes, the local artists come to the shore and do such artistic activity.

As mentioned before, beach walking, photography, and painting are common fun activities to do in Taba-tabaro Beach. What’s next? It is time to enjoy the seawater, which is both fresh and warm. The waves are moderate, so it is possible to swim in the water. The clear and blue water would never fail to astonish you. At noon, the sun rays are reflected perfectly on it as if the water is luring any visitors to get into it. In fact, the beach is suitable for snorkeling for those who have prepared proper gear.

Another thing to enjoy in Taba-tabaro Beach is relaxation. The combination of charming landscape and a comfortable wind is one thing. The best feature is indeed the formation of coconut trees, which is located in the back. Tourists can sit under those trees while drinking coconut drinks! Isn’t it cozy? Apart from that, some others plants like mangroves and sandalwoods are also available. They become an extra in Taba-tabaro.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
The distance between Kendari City and South Konawe Regency is not quite far, which is about 37 km. That means the trip won’t be long, as you only need to spend 1-2 hour of driving. Once you get to South Konawe, you can directly head to Batu Jaya Village which only takes about a few minutes. What about those who come from other provinces? The fastest way is by airplane and the destination is Haluoleo Airport, which is in Kendari City.

Where to Stay

  • Wonua Monapa Hotel
  • Athaya Hotel
  • Grand Clarion Hotel

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