Mekongga - The Tallest Mountain in Southeast Sulawesi Province

Many travelers have recognized the beauty of beaches and culture of Southeast Sulawesi Province. However, it also has some beautiful mountains to explore. One of them is called Mekongga, which is the tallest one and it is situated in Kolaka Regency. The thing that makes it interesting is the formation of karst stones, which is situated on the top of the mountain. The name of the highest peak is Mosero-sero, having the height of 2,620 above the sea level. With these features, Mekongga becomes so famous among hikers and adventurers!

The Nuance
As mentioned before, Mekongga Mountain consists of mostly karst stones. Some parts of it are also covered by shady trees and bushes, actually. When it comes to the atmosphere, it is quite refreshing and foggy in the morning. Thanks to the landscape and height of the mountain! It is possible to hike on it, but only professional hikers would be able to enjoy such activity. The reason is the mountain has a challenging landscape, which is not recommended for beginners.

Exploring Mekongga Mountain
In terms of age, Mekongga Mountain has formed since hundreds of years ago. As the time goes by, many animals and plants grow and live abundantly there. Today, the mountain becomes a recommended destination for travelers and hikers. No wonder, hiking is a primary lure, especially for experienced adventurers. For those who want to enjoy hiking, the start point is in Surolako Village and it takes about 4 hours from Kolaka. The thing is beginners should come with an instructor, as the hiking route is quite challenging.

In order to reach the summit of Mekongga Mountain, hikers may spend roughly 6 days. Along the way to Mosero-sero Mount, you can enjoy a nuance of tropical forest with its animals and plants. Not to mention you are going to cross Tinokari and Mosembo River! If you get lucky, you would meet some native birds and anoas. That means your journey won’t be boring, as many attractions lie in Mekongga. Since it takes much time and energy, you must prepare some crucial things. These include a tent, foods, drinks, first aids, a flashlight, and extra clothes.

As for the tip, hikers should come with a local guide. A help from a professional is compulsory if you want to get the best hiking experience in Mekongga Mountain. This person may even tell you about the history of this majestic mountain. According to history, there was a brave warrior, who fought a giant eagle called Kongga. The purpose of the fighting was to stop the terrors of the bird towards nearby settlement. The warrior won the battle and brought peace to people.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
For those who want to explore Mekongga Mountain, the prime destination is Kolaka Regency. From Kendari City, it takes about 6 hours and the distance is 266 km. Most travelers use Poros Ranteangin-Kolaka Street for a faster trip to such region. Once reaching Kolaka, it takes only a few minutes to the mountain. As for the tip, you should take advantage of a tour guide as this person may lead the way to the mountain and nearby attractions in a professional manner. Even though it costs some money, it is worth the expense!

Where to Stay

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  • Berlian Hotel

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