Eenunu Nature Bath in Bone Village, Southeast Sulawesi Province

Travelers have different purposes when it comes to a holiday or vacation. For example, they want to explore new regions and enjoy nature tourism. There is one called Eununu Nature Bath, which is located in Bone Regency. This is considered a hidden gem of Southeast Sulawesi Province, as there are not many people know about it. Like the name suggests, it is the place for bathing and playing water. The locals often take advantage of it to eradicate stresses and get closer to nature. The best thing is the nature bath is situated near to Bone Beach, which is only about 100 meters from it.

The Nuance
Like other nature baths in Southeast Sulawesi Province, Eununu features unspoiled nature attractions like trees, rocks, and bushes. There is also a signature flora growing on it, which is a big banyan tree. What about the depth? Well, it is about 7 meters so kids should be careful when getting in the water. At least, children should come with their parents. The water is fresh and relaxing, so it may eradicate your stresses at once. Not to mention it can be a good spot for finding peace.

Exploring Eenunu Nature Bath
One of the reasons in visiting Eenunu Nature Bath is to eradicate stresses and burdens. In fact, some of these people have learned the art of nature bathing. The key is to reconnect with nature and release the stresses at once (similar to meditation). With proper procedures, this activity helps you improve the immune system and increase mood instantly. Overall, nature bathing is a good option in improving life quality and get rid of problems right away. No wonder, people from big cities consider it a perfect location for a nature retreat.

Experts have approved the positive effects of nature bathing, so everyone should try it. When spending a holiday in Southeast Sulawesi Province, it is better to visit Bone Village for its Eenunu Nature Bath. It is a recommended tourist spot for everyone, especially those who want to relieve anger, stress, and anxiety. Once you get in the water, your energy and emotions may improve gradually. Thanks to the fresh water and unwind nuance, tourists would have a good time while taking a bath in the pond.

Some visitors gave a positive testimonial regarding a vacation in Eenunu Nature Bath. They said the nature bath improved their physical and mind conditions. Some of them even said the freshness of the water was able to eradicate their diseases. Overall, everyone deserves this kind of experience and Eenunu should be a part of their tour in Southeast Sulawesi Province.

Nearby Attractions

  • Tonra / Tete Beach
  • Baruttung Waterfall
  • Ponre-Ponre Dam

How to Get There
The distance between Kendari City and Bone Village is 908 km! That means you are going to have a long trip in reaching the waterfall, which takes about 20 hours. For those who look for a faster trip, there is the best route to take. It is Poros Ranteangin-Kolaka Street, which is the fastest way to reach the location. The type of vehicle also determines how fast and comfortable the trip will be, so you need to choose it carefully.

Where to Stay

  • Mutiara Sari
  • Bali Indah Cottage
  • Novena Hotel

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