Sonay Hot Spring in Puriala District, Southeast Sulawesi Province

Not many travelers have heard about Sonay Hot Spring, which is located in Puriala District. However, people in Southeast Sulawesi Province should have recognized it. Thanks to the comfortable nuance and stunning views, after all. As the name suggests, the hot spring is located in Sonay Village. The thing is the location is not the same as regular hot springs, as it features some unique loveliness. Not to mention the visitors are not quite many, so it emits a peaceful atmosphere.

The Nuance
As mentioned earlier, Sonay Hot Spring is quite unique. The shape is similar to a terracing landscape and the color of the water is white. This beauty is definitely stunning, and it is surrounded by bushes. Once you get in the water, you may feel comfortable and relaxed while enjoying the serene atmosphere. For a more peaceful nuance, you should come anytime except holidays, where there are not many visitors. This becomes your opportunity to bring your families for a wonderful vacation.

Exploring Sonay Hot Spring
Puriala District should be proud of Sonay Hot Spring as many tourists come to the location over time. These people enjoy some good time getting in the water and relaxing. The comfortable and warm water somehow replenish their stamina and remove bad particles off the skin. Some people even say the water is quite beneficial to the health and lower the blood tension. Apart from these benefits, the hot spring is located in a strategic area, which is surrounded by pure nature.

For the best experience in Sonay Hot Spring, any visitors should pay attention to several things. For instance, it is the time of visit. According to the locals, the best time to visit the hot spring is on the weekends and holidays, where there are many people. It is because you have an opportunity to make new friends and talk to the locals. That means you can learn a little bit about the local language, as well. When it comes to the best atmosphere and nuance, you must visit it in the morning as the weather is nice and refreshing.

Next consideration is the local rule regarding how to take a bath in Sonay Hot Spring. The prime rule is that you are not allowed to use any soap. It is because the soap may ruin the water and it becomes quite uncomfortable to others. There is a restroom nearby, so you can use it to clean your body either after or before getting in the hot spring. Another consideration is the cleanliness. Make sure to take care of the trash, especially for those who come with snacks and drinks.

Nearby Attractions

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  • Adipura Monument

How to Get There
The waterfall is located in Sonay Village and it belongs Puriala District. Usually, tourists come from Kendari City and it takes about 2 hours to reach Sonay (71 km). The best route to take is Poros Kendari – Motaha Street and the best vehicle is a car. Even though many options of transportation service are available, a car is the most comfortable one. Not to mention it is fast!

Where to Stay

  • Arisandi Hotel
  • Arini Hotel
  • Nugraha Hotel

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