Mining and Energy

Investment opportunity in the field of mining and energy that can be immediately started as follows:

  1. Chromate.
    The potential of this mineral is very large due to the fact that One-third of Southeast Sulawesi soil consist ultra basic rocks. A careful research recently conducted prove that chromate is found massively in tree location of the province at depth of 1 to 2 meters down with a Cr2O3 content of 50 %.
  2. Marble
    Deposit of marble is found at three location namely in Kolaka region, kendari region and Buton with reserve of more than one trillion metric tons of marble and crystalline limestone. The color are white, Grey, dark and red.
  3. Nickel
    Nickel deposit is found in southern part of Southeast Sulawesi Peninsula. It is mixed with iron, asbestos, and chromate. A state mining company on area up to 7,000 ha is exploiting this mineral.
  4. Hydro-electric
    Capacity of power supply at the end of the sixth PELITA is about 65 MW. The state electric company (PLN) is able to cover about 25 MW only. The gap between the supply and demand will be more increasing especially for industries. It is expected that the problem can be solve by build hydroelectric station the electric output is cheaper. There are three potential river for this purpose namely lalindu, konaweha and Lasolo rivers.

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