Anaway Nature Bath in Sampara District, Southeast Sulawesi Province

For those who are looking for a good and serene place to spend a vacation, there is Anaway Nature Bath located in Sampara District. It belongs to Southeast Sulawesi Province, actually. This tourist spot is famous for its fresh and relaxing water, so visitors can replenish their stamina there. Not to mention the location is quite strategic, which is near to Kendari City. That means it only take tens of minutes to reach the location regardless of the type of the vehicle you are using.

The Nuance
In terms of nuance, Anaway Nature Bath represents an unspoiled nature – serene and beautiful. Once you get to the location, you may feel the comfortable atmosphere so you can find peace and get relaxed there. During holidays, more visitors come to the nature bath so it will be quite crowded. For some people, this situation is a little bit uncomfortable. As for the tip, you should come during the workdays, where the visitors aren’t many. This makes you feel comfortable as you can enjoy the nature bath in a more peaceful manner.

Exploring Anaway Nature Bath
The question is what tourists would do in Anaway Nature Bath. Commonly, it is as simple as enjoying the freshwater. Even kids would have a good time there, as long as the parents supervise them well. The legend has it. Local people believe the nature bath gives positive effects to the health, but no one can explain why. The fresh and soothing water would definitely remove your tiredness and stresses away. Not to mention you can get in the water along with your family.

Despite lacking facilities, Anaway Nature Bath offers soothing water and beautiful scenery. The color of the water is greenish and it is quite refreshing. Some big trees surround the nature bath, so they create a comfortable and peaceful nuance for the visitors. Not to mention some endemic birds and monkeys live near to the fountain. If you get lucky, these animals come closer to reach tourists. It is even possible to feed them. Also, you are allowed to take some pictures of these creatures.

The rumor has it. Local people take advantage of Anaway Nature Bath to perform a traditional ritual. For example, they look for blessings from the mystical guardian of this fountain. The thing is only some people believe in such legend. Today, the fountain is mostly visited by those who want to get in the water and take a bath for a few minutes. It is likely modern people start ignoring how interesting the history or legend of such nature bath.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
In order to reach Anaway Nature Bath, you can take Chairil Anwar Street and follow Poros Unaaha-Pondidaha Street from Kendari City. This trip takes about 30 minutes as the distance is 18 km. It can be faster if you take a private or rented car, in fact. If you come from Jakarta, you should head to Southeast Sulawesi Province first. In this case, your destination is Haluoleo Airport in Kendari and you may take a taxi or rented car afterward.

Where to Stay

  • Davinci Hotel
  • City Hotel
  • Adipati Hotel

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