Maria Paroki Cave in Unaaha District, Southeast Sulawesi Province

Religious tourism is considered a new hit since many tourist spots are available, especially in Southeast Sulawesi Province. For those who look for a serene site and unique nuance, there is Maria Paroki Cave. The location is in Unaaha District and it belongs to Konawe Regency. As the name suggests, it is a location to witness the statue of Maria. It features a comfortable atmosphere as it is surrounded by trees and some facilities. Not to mention this tourist spot is well managed by the locals.

The Nuance
Once you get to Maria Paroki Cave, you may see a beautiful statue of Maria. The color is blue and it is located on groundwork. In the back, there is a big rock (cave) covering such figure while some big candles scattered in front of it. This site also features small stairs, so you need to climb it in order to get near to the statue. Not to mention the location is surrounded by fences, so travelers won’t get lost when getting around. On top of that, many visitors come there either for sightseeing or giving a prayer and this site is crowded during big religious days.

Exploring Maria Paroki Cave
Thanks to Maria Paroki Cave, Southeast Sulawesi Province becomes more tempting for travelers. Not to mention the location of the cave is quite strategic, which happens to be near to a wide sandy area and shady trees. On top of that, it is located near to Kendari City, so tourists can reach it without hassles and they usually come to this location during Ekaristi (Eucharist). During such sacrament, there are also traditional dances of Sulawesi and more visitors. Therefore, it becomes the best time to visit the cave.

Maria Paroki Cave is most visited between May-October, as people come to the location for pilgrimage. They come from different regions regardless of the type of transportation. Even kids also come to the cave with their parents. That means the cave is popular among travelers regardless of the age. If you come during Eucharist, you may join the Rosario and give some prayers. The atmosphere will be both serene and cheerful as many people come to the cave. 

As for tourists, Maria Paroki Cave becomes either a tourist spot or a place to look for peace. It offers a serene atmosphere and a refreshing environment, which are good for your mind and body. Somehow, it can elevate your spiritual quality and your ability to meditate and give a prayer. In a nutshell, the cave becomes part of Southeast Sulawesi Province’s best tourist attractions. Everyone should drop by sometimes. It is a must!


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How to Get There
Maria Paroki Cave is located in Unaaha District, so it becomes your primary destination regardless of your location. If you come from Kendari City, takes Poros Unaaha-Pondidaha Street. The trip is about 2 hours and the distance between Kendari and Unaaha is 80 km. However, it can be either longer or faster depending on the type of vehicle you are going to use.

Where to Stay

  • Kharisma 2 Hotel
  • Rahayu Hotel
  • Nugraha Hotel

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