Lamokula Hot Spring in South Konawe Regency, Southeast Sulawesi Province

Spending a vacation in a new location is travelers’ objective. In this case, a good tourist spot called Lamokula Hot Spring is considered an option. The location is in Batu Jaya Village and it belongs to South Konawe Regency. Even though tourists can’t take a bath in it, the hot spring is worth a visit. Thanks to its uniqueness and luring environment. Not to mention the location is near to Taba-tabaro beach, which is only about 500 meters from it. Most of the tourists come to this location for sightseeing photography. After all, the hot spring appears unique.

The Nuance
The size of Lamokula Hot Spring is not quite big. It is surrounded by several things like rocks and trees. The land is damp and the environment is a little bit moist. Despite this unpleasant condition, the hot spring keeps attracting tourists over time. It is because those people are looking for new traveling experiences, especially those who are visiting Southeast Sulawesi Province. Another lure is the peaceful nuance, as not many villagers around. That means visitors can explore this sit wholeheartedly.

Exploring Lamokula Hot Spring
The first luring thing about Lamokula Hot Spring is the location, as tourists need to pass through a challenging landscape to reach the site. If you come from Taba-tabaro Beach, it takes a few minutes to reach the hot spring. Not to mention you may encounter wild mangroves along the way to the location. This small adventure attracts many people, especially those who love nature. It is only the beginning, as the main attraction lies ahead. That means visitors would be quite astonished once reaching the hot spring.

Despite lacking facilities, Lamokula Hot Spring offers distinct lures. The size is petite and it is surrounded by different objects, including rocks, mud, and trees. Also, there is one thing that makes it different than other hot spring, which is the schedule of appearance. During the low tide, tourists can see it clearly. On the other hand, it will be swept away by the seawater. It is because Lamokula is situated near to the shore, so the tides determine when tourists should come to this location.

Another attraction in Lamokula Hot Spring is a group of local crabs living in this area. The local government even considers this hot spring as a potential nature reserve for those crabs. Thanks to the supportive environments. These include muddy land and the brackish water. Not to mention the hot spring is situated under a wild banyan tree, which creates a shady and comfortable nuance.

Nearby Attractions

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  • Hari Island
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  • Taba-Tabaro Beach

How to Get There
A trip to South Konawe Regency is a short trip. From Kendari City, the distance is 37 km. That means it takes about 1 hour to reach such region. Once you get there, you can simply head to Batu Jaya Village. Lamokula Hot Spring is situated in the same area as Taba-tabaro Beach, so you can visit two different vacation destinations in one go!

Where to Stay

  • Wonua Monapa Hotel
  • Athaya Hotel
  • Grand Clarion Hotel

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