Lulo Monument in Kendari City, Southeast Sulawesi Province

Kendari City is the capital of Southeast Sulawesi Province. It also becomes a recommended tourist spot for everyone. There is a simple but beautiful place for holidays. When you are in Kendari, you should visit it. The name is Lulo Monument. It is an icon of the city. The location is in Hasanudin Street 9. It belongs to Tipulu District. Usually, tourists come to this location for either relaxation or sightseeing. Thanks to the atmosphere. The monument is also situated in a strategic location, so you can notice it easily.

The Nuance
As mentioned earlier, the atmosphere is nice around Lulo Monument. It is because of the trees and a good landscape. In terms of size, the monument is moderate. The shape is similar to a double-sided bowl. The colors are green, yellow, and red. There is a craving of “Kota Kendari” on it. On top of the monument, there are the statues of people. They are holding hands. The meaning is togetherness and unity. These statues have the color of white and the size is similar to a regular man.

Exploring Lulo Monument
Tourists come to Lulo Monument for numerous reasons. For example, they come to relax in the afternoon. The nuance comes at its best at that time, after all. Next, it is to do some sports like jogging or cycling. The monument becomes a checkpoint. That means the locals take a rest in this location and may continue their sports activity later. Usually, they come in the morning. Are you also interested? In this case, you need to prepare proper clothes and footwear.

Next thing to do is to gather with either families or friends. Somehow, Lulo Monument is suitable for a simple picnic. Despite the small size, the monument offers a comfortable landscape. That means you can spend good times with your close people there. If necessary, you should carry snacks and drinks. Eating, chatting, and joking around near to the monument are indeed fun. In the weekends, many people come to this location. That becomes an opportunity to make new friends. Make sure to learn some about the Indonesian Language, though.

Another thing to do is to enjoy local snacks and foods. Fortunately, Lulo Monument is located near to eateries and food vendors. Many types of the menu are available including grilled fishes, corns, meatballs, and much more. As for the drinks, there is a specialty called “serabba”. Make sure to try it! The monument offers a comfortable nuance for eating. Apart from the trees, there are also flowers and small ponds. For those who love photography, the monument and its landscape can be a beautiful object to capture.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
In order to reach Tugu Lulo, you should head to Hasanudin Street 9. It takes only 21 minutes from the downtown and the distance is 11 km. The best route is Moh. Joenoes Street. If you come from Jakarta, your destination is Kendari’s Haluoleo Airport. From there, take either a bus or taxi to the monument. It is a comfortable and safe trip, after all.

Where to Stay

  • City Hotel
  • Classic Hotel
  • Dragon Inn

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