Moramo Waterfall in South Konawe Regency, Southeast Sulawesi

Nature tourism becomes a good reference in Southeast Sulawesi Province. It is because such region is the home of many interesting spots for a vacation. One of them is located in South Konawe Regency. The name is Moramo Waterfall. Not only it offers regular waterfall, but it becomes the home of different types of animals. The local government also makes it a protected forest for local faunas. Not to mention it becomes a tourist lure in Konawe. It is a wonderful place for relaxing, as well.

The Nuance
Once you reach the waterfall, you may see an unspoiled beauty of nature. The waterfall has the height of 100 meters. It consists of different levels. These include 7 primary levels and tens of small levels. All of them look flawless, though. The waterfall also features a calm pond or river. Near to it, you can find shady trees and bushes. Not many people are seen in this area, so the nuance is quite peaceful. No wonder, tourists come here to enjoy the serene nature and explore the unspoiled landscape.

Exploring Moramo Waterfall
Moramo Waterfall consists of several levels and each of them emits stunning beauty. It is because the water flows perfectly and the sound of the sparkling water is mesmerizing. These features combine into a natural nuance, which makes your heart peaceful and comfortable. This explains why many tourists come to this location for relaxation. Thanks to the fresh and clear water as tourists can play in it comfortably. This also becomes a reason to visit the waterfall for both adults and children.

The location of Moramo Waterfall is near to Tanjung Peropa Reservation, which emits a comfortable and peaceful atmosphere. This natural environment is suitable for those who want to avoid the hectic city life. At least, this location helps visitors to eradicate stresses and retreat from busy life ephemerally. It is a simple as sitting on the stone near to the waterfall and enjoying the sound of the water. Playing and swimming in the water are possible, but you should have prepared extra clothes beforehand.

Apart from the fresh water and peaceful environment, Moramo Waterfall also offers a relaxing atmosphere in the morning. This explains why tourists are mostly seen at that time. They come to the waterfall for numerous reasons, including swimming, relaxing, photography, hiking, and much more. Another plus point is the location, which is easy to reach from Kendari City. If necessary, you can hire a tour guide as he may help you to get to the waterfall and explore nearby interesting tourist spots.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
One of the most troublesome issues related to a vacation is the transportation. That means all tourists should pay attention to the type of vehicle and the route to take. In order to reach Moramo Waterfall, your first destination is Southeast Sulawesi Province and the best checkpoint is Haluoleo Airport, which is located in Kendari City. From there, you can take Poros Unaaha-Pondidaha Street and head to Konawe Regency. This trip takes only 2 hours and the distance is approximately 80 km.

Where to Stay

  • Kharisma 2 Hotel
  • Arisandi Hotel
  • Nugraha Hotel

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