Hari Island in Soropia District, Southeast Sulawesi Province

The thing is Southeast Sulawesi Province has many tourist spots, which are scattered all around its regencies. For example, there is Hari Island in South Konawe Regency. To be exact, the location is in Soropia District, which is located in the east part of Kendari City. The island is uninhabited and it features beautiful nature and excellent facilities. Today, Hari Island becomes an alternative for island hopping aside from Wakatobi Archipelago (the most famous tourist destination in Southeast Sulawesi Province). Not to mention the access is quite easy.

The Nuance
In terms of nuance, the island is indeed beautiful. It features a flawless beach with its white sand and calm seawater. Near to the shorelines, you can find a small cottage for resting and enjoying snacks. There is also a small watch tower, where you can climb on it. In the back, shady trees and bushes cover the entire island. Not to mention there are some corals nearby. With all these features, the island is suitable for relaxation, sightseeing, and playing water.

Exploring Hari Island
The best feature in Hari Island is the beach. Such coastal area offers crystal clear seawater and coral reefs, which is somehow suitable for snorkeling. Visitors can also enjoy the stunning white sand and walk around the beach comfortably. The fact is that the island is uninhabited, which means you won’t find many visitors regardless of the time. Due to this reason, the island is perfect for relaxation and nature exploration. Thanks to its serene and relaxing atmosphere! Not to mention it features an unspoiled nature beauty.

Apart from the beach, Hari Island features small forests and different types of trees. There are no buildings at all, so the island is quite peaceful and natural. Not only it is suitable for lessening, the island has some good spots for diving and everyone can reach these locations using a speedboat. A help from a local guide is indeed important, as he can help you reach those diving spots in an efficient manner. Make sure to carry more money, as you need to rent the boat as well.

The diving spots have the depth about 7-8 meters and excellent visibility. That means everyone can enjoy the nautical beauty regardless of the diving skills. At least, there are 15 recommended diving spots in Hari Island and you can explore them all one at a time. Witnessing beautiful fishes and coral reefs will be an unforgettable experience for tourists. Some common sea creatures are often seen, including lobsters, octopus, and much more. Sometimes, sea turtles are also seen in those diving spots!

Nearby Attractions

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  • Panjat Tebing Cave
  • Taipa Beach
  • Panggulawu Beach

How to Get There
Your first destination is South Konawe Regency. From Kendari, it takes 40-60 minutes to reach such destination, as the distance is 21 km. Next, it is time to head to Soropia District and take a ferry to Hari Island. Even though it is considered a short trip, you need to take much money and some snacks. Make sure to carry extra clothes, as you are likely to get wet after playing in the beach.

Where to Stay

  • Benua Hotel
  • Grand SO Hotel
  • D’Blitz Hotel

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