Lelewawo Beach in Batu Putih District, Southeast Sulawesi Province

Batu Putih District is not quite popular among travelers who are visiting Southeast Sulawesi Province. However, there is a recommended tourist spot there and the name is Lelewawo Beach. It is famous for its dazzling white sand and glaring seawater. The locals often call it “Pantai Pasir Putih”, which means the white sandy beach. As the name suggests, the beach is located in Lelewawo Village, which is quite easy to get to. Overall, the beach is suitable for both sightseeing and relaxation. All thanks to the unspoiled nature and convenient atmosphere.

The Nuance
The best feature in Lelewawo Beach is the water, which is clear and warm. It is even possible for tourists to play and swim in the water. Not only the water features calm, but it is also shallow. Most parts of the beach are quite safe for both beginners and experienced swimmers. That means kids are allowed to get in the water with the parents’ supervision. For those who don’t like swimming, many fun activities are available such as beach walking and an exploration. It is because the beach is also surrounded by trees and some coral reefs, where visitors can explore.

Exploring Lelewawo Beach
The question is what tourists can do in Lelewawo Beach. Here is an example. You can rent a snorkeling gear and explore the sea, as the beach has a stunning nautical beauty. Usually, the people of Pitulua Village offer such gear to tourists with a cheap price. Some of them even may teach you how to perform snorkeling in a safe and efficient manner. It costs some money, though. Thus, you must have prepared the money beforehand. Not only it is needed to rent the snorkeling gear, but it is useful to buy some foods and drinks.

The next activity is visiting a nearby village, as it is rich in culture. Tourists have an opportunity to learn and witness locals’ activity after exploring Lelewawo Beach. For instance, the villagers may show you their traditional weapon called “keris”. It is considered a small sword with a unique shape (similar to a snake). This weapon was quite famous back then, especially during the war against the Dutch. For the long-range weapons, the locals use both a spear and a blowpipe. Both of them are unique and dangerous!

Once you enjoy some time in such nearby village, it is time to get back to Lelewawo Beach. At this time, you may enjoy good local foods, including seafood and Sinonggi. Eating a delicious feast, while witnessing the sea scenery is a perfect activity before getting back to home. Don’t you agree?

Nearby Attractions

  • Namu Village
  • Batu Jaya Village
  • Lamokula Hot Spring

How to Get There
Your prime destination is Lelewawo Village, which is the part of Batu Putih District. From Kendari City, the distance is 90 km and it takes about 2 hours to reach the location. For the best route, you can take Poros Kdi-Moramo Street. The question is how outsiders can reach Lelewawo Beach. For those who come from other provinces, the first checkpoint is Kendari City. It is reachable using an airplane and the destination is Haluoleo Airport. Later, you can simply follow the direction provided before.

Where to Stay

  • Wonua Monapa Hotel
  • Grand Clarion Hotel
  • Athaya Hotel

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