UHO Botanical Garden in Kendari City, Southeast Sulawesi Province

Kendari City is a primary tourist destination in Southeast Sulawesi Province. It is the capital of such region, after all. When it is about nature tourism, there is UHO Botanical Garden. It is managed by Halu Oleo University and becomes a tourist spot for public. This park applies a particular theme called the endemic flora of Sulawesi. The aim is to be a well-known botanical garden in Indonesia. It also serves numerous functions like a place for conservation, research, and education.

The Nuance
What is in UHO Botanical Garden? Well, you can see different types of trees and plants. No wonder, it emits a comfortable and serene nuance. There has been a wooden bridge and a path for walking. This way, the guests can explore the garden in a comfortable manner. Even though there are not many facilities, the garden is worth to explore. The best time to visit it is during holidays. Weekends are also recommended. For a merrier vacation, you need to come with your family.

Exploring UHO Botanical Garden
The most interesting attraction in UHO Botanical Garden is the local plants of Sulawesi Island, which grow endemically. The keepers decide to take care of these plants to attract visitors and they want to educate these people regarding flora growing in Sulawesi. No wonder, the primary concept of this tourist spot is education & ecology tourism. It becomes a perfect place to learn a little bit more about plants and to enjoy the serenity of nature either for the families or researchers.

Apart from being a tourist spot, the botanical garden helps the locals to make money as they can help tourists with their guidance. It is because the route is a little bit intricate, so it requires a help of a local tour guide. Another reason is the numbers of attraction points situated in the garden. Without the guide, it is likely visitors are not able to explore them all. These points include the main building, the main gate, a warehouse, nursery, a fertilization area, and much more.

There are several tips for beginners who are going to explore UHO Botanical Garden. First, you should wear comfortable clothes as the weather is hot at noon. This includes proper footwear as you need to get around there. Next, carry bottled water and snacks because you won’t find many facilities near to the garden. Bringing much money is a good idea, which you are going to use later to pay the tour guide and entry fee. Not to mention you need the money to reach other tourist spots near to this garden. Don’t you think so?

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
Most of the people have heard about a phrase like “many ways to Rome”. Well, it is true you can take different routes to reach UHO Botanical Garden. For those who come from Jakarta, you need to transit in several airports, including in Surabaya and Makassar and the last airport to visit is definitely Haluoleo Airport in Kendari City. From there, take a taxi to reach the garden.

Where to Stay

  • City Hotel Kendari
  • Zenith Hotel
  • Athaya Hotel

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