Places of interest

This is attractive sector comparing to other naturally province and culturally is quite rich and potential for tourism. Some of them are:

  1. Tourist development:
    • Marine parks with beautiful coral reefs.
    • Natural waterfall.
    • Cultural and historical remains.
    • Beautiful beaches.
  2. Cultural Attraction: Horse fighting, self-defense, rituals, etc.
  3. Hunting wild animal: especially pigs and deeds.
    The province of Southeast Sulawesi has many tourism objects, such as marine, natural and cultural tourism. The objects are;
    • Park object: National Park Aopa Swamp, Napabale park, Morano, waterfall, etc.
    • Marine tourism: Sea garden of Hoga Island, Hari island, Labengke, Batu Gong beach, Nirwana beach, etc.
    • Cultural tourism: Buton palace, Old fort of Wawoni, Horse-fighting attraction, lakidende resting place, etc.
    • Dancing: traditional and contemporary creation
    Realize that the annual flow of tourist raise year by year, the management and development should be encouraged their facilities such as transportation, hotel, institution and services.

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