Tumburano Waterfall in Konawe Archipelago Regency, Southeast Sulawesi

Travelers have different reasons when it comes to visiting Southeast Sulawesi Province. For example, they want to enjoy the serenity of nature tourism. The thing is many beautiful spots are available, especially in Konawe Archipelago Regency. Tamburano Waterfall is one of them. This stunning waterfall is located in a secluded area, so it offers pure nature and mesmerizing beauty. In terms of region, it belongs to Konawe Regency or Wawonii Island. Today, the waterfall becomes a popular location for numerous activities like relaxation, bathing, hiking, etc.

The Nuance
Tumburano Waterfall is quite high and wide. Not to mention the water flows and drops beautifully. It has 2 levels and each of them emits a distinct beauty and nuance. Usually, people stand near to the waterfall to feel the splash of the water and watch the water, as if they are possessed by its beauty. Another feature is the formation of trees and bushes. They are shady and green, which provide a comfortable atmosphere there. No wonder, tourists are able to relax get in the water comfortably.

Exploring Tumburano Waterfall
Many tourists come to Tamburano Waterfall despite the secluded location. This stunning nature attraction is situated a bit far from the village, but it gives an opportunity to perform trekking. Not to mention the route is quite easy, so everyone is able to explore the location without hassles. For a merrier experience, it is better to come on weekends and holidays. At those times, more tourists come to this area regardless of the purposes – sightseeing, bathing, photography, etc. According to the locals, tourists visit Tamburano mostly in summer. Are you interested?

The waterfall is situated about 7 km from the local settlement. That means your checkpoint is in Tamburano Village, where you can also rest and eat comfortably. A route to the waterfall features a narrow footpath, but it is safe and sturdy. Apart from walking, travelers can even ride a motorcycle or a bike to reach the location. However, it will be more challenging by walking as you can feel the atmosphere at its best. There is also a better chance to take more beautiful pictures using your camera.

Once you reach Tumburano Waterfall, many things can be done including playing water and relaxation. The sound of the water and the refreshing nature stimulate your senses and eradicate your stresses. No wonder, many people come to the waterfall to relax and find peace. Not to mention the lush plants and a perfect landscape become good objects for photography, so you should never leave your camera behind. 

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How to Get There
Administratively, Tumburano Waterfall located in Tumburano Lansilowo Village, Wawonii Utara District of Konkep. For outsiders, it takes some efforts to reach Tumburano Waterfall as you need to fly to Kendari City first. In this case, your destination is Haluoleo Airport. Once you get there, take a taxi or other type of transportation to Konawe Regency, while the best route is Unaaha-Pondidaha Street. Usually, the trip takes up to 2 hours and the distance is 80 km. It can be longer, though.

Where to Stay

  • Kharisma 2 Hotel
  • Rahayu Hotel
  • Nugraha Hotel

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