Danau Randano Gaghe in Muna Regency, Southeast Sulawesi Province

No one denies the quality of nature tourism. All nature attractions comfort tourists. It is because visitors are able to enjoy the unspoiled beauty and fresh air in those locations. When it is about Southeast Sulawesi Province, Randano Gaghe Lake is considered a good option. The location is in Lalemba Village and it belongs to Muna Regency. The thing is the lake is not quite popular among tourists. In fact, the locals rarely visit it. The lake is known for its serene atmosphere and pure water lake.

The Nuance
One you get to Randano Gaghe Lake, you can feel a peaceful nuance. Thanks to nature. The lake is surrounded by trees and other natural attractions. When it comes to the water, it is flawless and calm. The color of the water is Tosca. It is definitely tempting for swimmers. However, the locals won’t recommend it. It is because the lake is deep. Not to mention the temperature isn’t quite comfortable. In this case, you can simply enjoy the nature and explore some parts of the lake.

Exploring Danau Randano Gaghe
The lake is situated in the middle of a forest. That means it is a little bit difficult to reach the location. Not to mention the accessibility is not quite good. Despite the secluded location, tourists keep coming to this location. Thanks to the beautiful landscape and serene nuance. Another unique thing is the water. It tastes salty. Why is that? The lake is located near to the sea. No wonder, many fishes, and several corals are seen in the water.

In order to reach the location, you need to wear hiking footwear and other proper equipment for an adventure. It is because the forest features harsh environment and landscape. Make sure you explore it in a comfortable manner. Also, you need to learn the route beforehand. As for the tip, you should come with a local guide. He will lead you to reach the location efficiently. If you come from Raha City, the trip takes about 2 hours. It even features a small walk for about 30 minutes.

For those who love photography, the lake becomes your primary object for photography. Apart from the water, many other objects are available there. The only activity you should avoid is swimming. It is possible, but it is not recommended for beginners. The water is deep and it tastes like seawater. For those who come with kids, make sure to pay attention to them. During the rainy season, the land is quite slippery. It is better safe than sorry, isn’t it?

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
The distance from Kendari City to Raha Regency is about 174 km. That means you need to spend about 9 hours to reach the location. For those who come from Jakarta, your primary destination is Haluoleo Airport. Once you reach Kendari, you can take a local transportation service to reach Raha. Actually, it takes a ferry as well since you’re the lake is located on Muna Island.

Where to Stay

  • Alia Hotel
  • Andalas Hotel
  • Berlian Hotel

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