Jati Monument in Muna Regency, Southeast Sulawesi

Muna Regency is part of Southeast Sulawesi Province. It becomes a good reference for those who look for a vacation. One of the best spots to relax is in Jati Monument. The location is near to Muna Port. To be exact, it is situated in front of Muna Forestry Office. Why is the name, actually? Jati means “teak”. The monument becomes a symbol of history in Muna. It is because this region was once blessed by tons of teak. However, the number of such trees reduces over time. You can only find some of them in some parts of the city.

The Nuance
In terms of size, it is moderate. Jati Monument has the color of white and there is a unique ornament on the top of it. It represents the bud, leaf, and seed of a teak. Some part of the monument comes with yellow color, though. Near to the monument, it is the plain grassy land. On the corners, you may see bushes. In the horizon, you are able to see sea scenery as well. Since the location is in the roadside, visitors won’t be hard to notice it.

Exploring Jati Monument
The first thing to do in Jati Monument is as simple as relaxation. That means the location is suitable for sightseeing and hanging out, which explains why you should come there with your friends or families. The breezy wind in the afternoon and fresh air in the morning make a perfect nuance near to the monument. Somehow, a night visit is also recommended as the cityscape is comforting and it can be a romantic place to spend a memorable event for you and your spouse.

Once you enjoy a good time in Jati Monument, it is time to learn a bit story of this landmark. As mentioned earlier, Muna Regency had abundant teak trees. However, the number decreases over time due to a greedy logging. Some of them survived and now the local government preserves them in Napabalano Nature Conservation. It is located in Tampo and it becomes another tourist destination once you explore the monument. In such conservation, there are big teak trees and their age is more than hundreds of years.

In a nutshell, Jati Monument represents the past glory of Muna, especially the abundant growth of teak trees. Despite the production issue, teak remains as important part of Muna’s history. This becomes the reason why the government decided to build such monument and today it becomes a casual vacation destination either for nearby people or outsiders. It is suitable for either relaxation or photography.

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How to Get There
Many tourists are troubled when it is about the transportation as they have no experience in visiting Southeast Sulawesi Province. The simplest one is by airplane since there is a popular airport in Kendari City (Haluoleo Airport). Once you get there, it is time to use a local transportation and head to Raha-Muna Regency. That means the trip from Kendari City to Jati Monument takes about 9 hours and the distance is 163 km.

Where to Stay

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