Pasarwajo Bay in Buton Island, Southeast Sulawesi Province

Buton Island is part of Southeast Sulawesi Province and it offers some beautiful tourist spots, especially for those who look for a serene and appealing vacation destination. Here is an example. The name is Pasarwajo Bay, which is famous for its diving spot and secluded beauty. The bay is located in near to Wagola and Lingge-Lingge Village, so it is reachable from different locations. Due to its unspoiled beauty, nature lovers and passionate travelers keep coming to such location. Not to mention the bay features beautiful coral reefs and a deep riverbed, which are challenging.

The Nuance
Spending a holiday in Pasarwajo Bay is worth a thousand of experiences, as it offers both beautiful nuance and refreshing atmosphere. The water is crystal clear and it features some fishermen’s boats in several parts of the bay. In the horizon, you can see a hill and a formation of shady trees. All these features combine into one, so visitors are likely to spend a few hours in this location. On top of that, the locals are quite friendly and they would help any tourists regardless of the necessities.

Exploring Pasarwajo Bay
There are about 10 top diving spots in Buton Island, and one of them is located in Pasarwajo Bay. Most of the visitors, especially divers, come to this bay to explore numerous types of coral reefs and lots of fishes. The most famous fish living in this bay is Mandarin Fish, which is quite tame and cute. That means these creatures won’t run away even if you chase them. Due to this reason, you should take some pictures of them while diving.

Apart from Mandarin Fish, Pasarwajo Bay is also famous for its clown fish korapu. They live in the corals and often hide from the divers. No wonder, it is a little bit difficult to find them. It requires both patience and some skills of exploration. For those who don’t like diving, it is even possible to enjoy the beauty of corals from the boat. Thanks to the clear seawater, as everyone can witness the nautical beauty of the bay. Still, the best way to enjoy it is through diving.

Many locals call Pasarwajo Bay as a hidden gem of Buton Island. It is because not many travelers have heard about this beautiful diving spot. Once you get to the bay, it is likely you may get in the water directly as if the water lures you for an exploration. It doesn’t have to be diving, as you can also perform snorkeling or swimming.

Nearby Attractions

  • Marbel Beach
  • Aspal Monument
  • Teletubbies Hill

How to Get There
The prime destination is Buton Regency, which is located on Buton Island. If you come from Kendari City, that means the trip may take about 14 hours and the distance is 270 km. Not to mention you need to reach several checkpoints such as Muna Island and Bau-Bau City. The bay is located in Wagola Village, so it becomes your final destination. Overall, this trip is worth your time and effort, as you will be rewarded with a great tourist spot called Pasarwajo Bay.

Where to Stay

  • Rajawali Hotel
  • Mira Hotel
  • Adios Villa

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