Ameseu Waterfall in Wiwirano District, Southeast Sulawesi Province

Nature tourism is always popular due to its serenity and relaxing nuance. Ameseu Waterfall becomes a recommended vacation destination on which tourists can relax and spend a holiday with their family. The location is in Wiwirano District and it belongs to North Konawe Regency. To be exact, this charming waterfall is located in Tetewatu Village and it gets the water from the nearby mountain. The most common reason why people keep coming to this location is to enjoy the refreshing atmosphere and fresh water. Somehow, the waterfall becomes a perfect site for self-reflection or relaxation. Don’t you agree?

The Nuance 
Ameseu Waterfall is surrounded by shady trees and a high hill on which tourists can explore. There is no need to doubt its beauty, as it emits a mesmerizing atmosphere. Not to mention the water flows and falls in several levels. It appears majestic and unique, so you can take advantage of it for photography. What’s next? In the morning, the weather is nice and cold. No wonder, most of tourists come to the waterfall in the morning to enjoy the fresh air and to walk around the waterfall. Sometimes, even a rainbow appears there!

Exploring Ameseu Waterfall
Most of the visitors come to Ameseu Waterfall to enjoy its fresh water and comfortable atmosphere. Relaxation is a common thing to do in this waterfall, but it is not the only option. It is because tourists are able to do other things like hiking, caving, and playing water. All of these activities are considered challenging, as the landscape is not common. For the best experience, it is better to come with a local tour guide. He can even show you some spots for witnessing the reminiscence of an ancient settlement located near to the waterfall.

Despite the long trip, tourists won’t regret coming to this location. It rewards any visitors with a green hill and a formation of palm trees. That means the landscape is suitable for relaxation. Not to mention the water is fresh, so visitors can play in it comfortably. The refreshing air also becomes a strong feature of the waterfall, actually. This helps you to eradicate any burdens and stresses of daily routines.

Another plus point of Ameseu Waterfall is the nature bath. Both the locals and tourists take advantage of the nature pond for bathing. This spot is surrounded by a wild forest and mountains, so the atmosphere is quite refreshing. The shady trees and the bird songs would be your companion while taking a bath in such pond. Enjoy!

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
As mentioned before, Ameseu Waterfall is located in Culambacu Village of Wiwirano District, about 70 km from Wanggudu, the capital of North Konawe Regency, with travel is about 1-2 hours transverse the Trans Sulawesi. For those who come from Kendari City, the trip may take about 3-4 hours as the distance is 142 km. For a faster trip, you can take Poros Bungku-Kendari Street. What about the vehicle? In this case, the most recommended one is a rented car.

Where to Stay

  • Grand Clarion Hotel
  • Sawa Beach Resort
  • Zenith Hotel

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