Sagori Island in Bombana Regency, Southeast Sulawesi Province

Southeast Sulawesi Province also has a formation of small islands. All of them are marvelous and worth a visit. As for reference, there is Sagori Island, which belongs to Bombana Regency. Apart from its stunning beauty, the island is known for its history and tourists would likely to learn about it. According to the locals, the island was a haven of the Dutch’s armada during the World War II. At that time, these people tried to invade the Buton Kingdom and chose Sagori Island as their resting place prior to attacking. But today, the island becomes tourists’ favorite spot for witnessing sun views and sea scenery!

The Nuance
In terms of size, Sagori Island is not quite big as it only has the length of 3,000 meters and the width of 200 meters. The shape is similar to a half of a circle, which is unique! Some parts of the island feature a stunning beach and it becomes tourists’ favorite spot to relax. The other features are pine trees and breezy wind. That means the island emits a comfortable and clean environment. When it comes to the sea, the color is quite dazzling and the waves are moderate. It is even possible to swim in the sea, especially for experts.

Exploring Sagori Island
The main attraction in Sagori Island is the sea scenery as if it is made by a talented artist. The combination of the blue sea, dazzling sand, shady trees, and cool atmosphere never disappoint tourists. Many types of the tree grow on the island, including pines and a famous banyan. This banyan tree is considered a center of the island and becomes the home of the island guardian. The locals believe in a mystical creature, after all. This guardian has one role, which is to prevent any disasters from ruining the island.

As mentioned earlier, Sagori Island is also famous for its history. It was a base of the Dutch during the WWII. Their main intention was to invade the Buton Kingdom and took over the natural sources in Sulawesi. The leader of the Dutch was Peter Bot, but he failed to lead his army to take over the kingdom. Some people believe it was because of the guardian of Sagori Island, who magically ruined the war’s capability of the Dutch Army. Not to mention this mystical being created a disaster in the sea, on which many Dutch’s ships sank.

Today, Sagori Island is recognized as both a beautiful and a haunted spot. In fact, some foreigners consider it as Indonesia’s Bermuda Triangle. Despite this terrible status, the island keeps attracting more visitors as the time goes by. Thanks to the beauty of nature, travelers won’t regret visiting the island.

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How to Get There
The question is how to reach Sagori Island. It is located in Bombana Regency and the distance is 145 km from Kendari City. To be frank, the trip may take about 3-4 hours depending on the traffic and the type of vehicle you might use. As for the tip, you can shorten the trip by following Poros Kendari-Andoolo Street. Once you reach Bombana, it is time to ride a local boat and head to Sagori Island. That’s all.

Where to Stay

  • Grand Lampusui Hotel
  • Sinar Bombana Homestay
  • Nirwana Hotel

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