Nirwana Beach in Buton Regency, Southeast Sulawesi Province

A beautiful beach resides in Buton Regency. The name is Nirwana Beach and it is considered the most famous tourist spot in Sula Village. Actually, it belongs to Bau-Bau City and Betoambari District. That means it is located near to numerous vacation destinations like Buton Palace Fort and Kamali Beach. The beach always has visitors as it offers a flawless beauty, which is similar to that of Bali’s Kuta. Not to mention tourists are able to do many things like conducting BBQ, sunbathing, swimming, beach walking, etc.

The Nuance
In the horizon, you can see both nearby island and hills. Also, Nirwana Beach offers other features, including moderate waves, warm seawater, white sand, shady coconut trees, and gazebos. The thing is you won’t find any coral reefs in the shorelines, so it emits a plain and vast nuance. Plus, the coastline is clean and beautiful. Thanks to both the keepers and tourists who have taken a good care of the environment. The common rule is “you are not allowed to litter”.

Exploring Nirwana Beach
The distance between Bau-Bau City and Nirwana Beach is about 9 km, so it won’t take much time to reach the beach. Many types of local transportation services are also available. Once you get to the beach, many types of activities are available awaiting any visitors. For example, tourists can enjoy sightseeing as there are many beautiful objects like corals, white sand, stunning sea, and much more. In fact, it is possible to perform diving so you can enjoy the nautical beauty of Nirwana Beach.

Nirwana Beach offers more than a beautiful landscape but is also offers soothing and refreshing atmosphere. Some people even come to the beach to relax and overcome numerous types of diseases, including asthma and stresses. It is as simple as bathing in the fresh seawater and walking around the shorelines. For kids, there is a place to rent floating tire so everyone is able to play in the water safely. Another way to relax is to sit in Gode-Gode or gazebos, which you can use freely.

Once you enjoy all those activities, it is time to try good local foods. Many traditional eateries are available near to Nirwana Beach and each of them offers distinct menu. Another popular facility is the formation of hotels with different rent fees. Due to this reason, tourists are able to spend more days for exploring the beach, which is quite worthy. A vacation in Nirwana Beach doesn’t cost much money, after all. You only need to bring some money to rent floating tire or any equipment for water sports.

Nearby Attractions

  • Kamali Beach
  • Buton Palace Fort
  • Moko Cave

How to Get There
A trip from Kendari City to Buton Regency takes about 13 hours and the distance is roughly 228 km. It takes longer if you come from other regions like Jakarta, which means you need to take an airplane to Haluoleo Airport of Kendari. Once you get there, take a local vehicle and reach Muna Island using a speedboat. In Raha City, takes another boat to Buton Island. Your last destination is Bau-Bau City, where the beach resides.

Where to Stay

  • Galaxy Inn Hotel
  • Calista Beach Hotel
  • Gulado Resort Hotel

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