Visiting Bokori Island in Soropia District, Southeast Sulawesi Province

Just because Southeast Sulawesi Province is famous for its Wakatobi National Park, doesn’t mean it gives you no other options. In Soropia District, there is a worthy island for a vacation called Bokori. Travelers often come to the island to enjoy the serene of the nature and beautiful landscape of the island. Most of them come to the island to find peace and to get relaxed, while some tourists would like to do photography. Regardless of the purpose, tourists won’t get disappointed once they get there. That means it is a recommended tourist spot for everyone.

The Nuance
Bokori Island consists of numerous features, but the most popular one is the savanna. It becomes a good spot to do photography and a simple exploration. Not to mention this area comes with a hill. Once you get to the top of it, you are able to see jaw-dropping scenery like Bajo Village and sea views. The thing is people of Bajo live near to the water, so you can see their settlement easily from the island. Another great feature of the island is the beach with its beautiful white sand and crystal clear seawater. Some bungalows and trees are scattered in the island, as well.

Exploring Bokori Island
What can tourists do in Bokori Island? One of the lures of the island is the white sand. It becomes an extra to the clear and fresh seawater. The blue sea looks stunning from the beach as if it mesmerizes all visitors. Even if you come during holidays, the nuance is comfortable and peaceful. No one makes a fuss in this area as they want to relax and enjoy the sea scenery. Some of them get in the water, while the others simply explore the shoreline by foot.

Bokori Island features a soothing beach, which is ornamented by a formation of coconut trees. At noon, tourists can simply sit under those trees to avoid the heat of the sun. Thanks to the zephyr, you can relax wholeheartedly in that location. What’s next? It is related to the history of the island. The locals may tell you regarding Bajo Tribe. The island was their settlement back then, but the government decided to move this community to the mainland in the 1980s.

As the time goes by, Bokori Island attracts more tourists. It is because travelers are attracted to both the beauty and history of the island, which explains why some historians also come to Bokori. Here is the fact. The world has acknowledged it as one of the best islands for a holiday, including the Caribbean and Moldova Island. Thus, Southeast Sulawesi Province should be proud of it.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
Bokori Island belongs to Soropia District, but it is separated from the mainland. First things come first. That means you need to reach Soropia using any available vehicle. For those who come from Kendari City, a private car or a taxi is a good option. The trip takes about an hour and the distance is roughly 30 km. As for the tip, you need to take RE Martadinata Street. Once you reach Soropia, it is time to cross the sea and to reach Bokori Island using a local boat.

Where to Stay

  • Benua Hotel
  • Swiss-Belhotel
  • Wonua Monapa Resort

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