Nanga-Nanga Forest in Kendari City, Southeast Sulawesi Province

Situated in the midst of a city, Nanga-Nanga Forest becomes the pride of Kendari. It is because many tourists would like to spend good times in this area. Exploring a small forest is a worthy experience, after all. The locals often choose it as the place for family recreation and nature laboratory. Also, tourists often come to this area in order to enjoy a wondrous holiday. The forest is even suitable for photography and a simple hiking. Overall, it is everyone’s choice!

The Nuance
In terms of beauty, Nanga-Nanga Forest appears similar to regular woods. The thing is the local government has done some efforts in protecting it from harmful renovations since it is located in the midst of Kendari City. Despite this issue, tourists keep this area alive longer by promoting Nanga-Nanga to their friends and families. Being an option of a vacation retreat, it remains popular among travelers. Not to mention forest features both small and tall trees, so the environment is shady. That means it helps you get relaxed efficiently.

Exploring Nanga-Nanga Forest
Both people of Kendari and the local government have chosen Nanga-Nanga Forest as a public vacation spot. As the time goes by, the forest has served as a city park. When it comes to popularity, it is quite famous among families with kids. It is because the parents want to introduce some types of plants and teach their kids about the importance of nature preservation. On top of that, the guests are allowed to learn to plant some seeds and plants based on the standards.

According to the local government, the main objective in managing Nanga-Nanga Forest is to make it as famous as Bogor Botanical Garden. Hopefully, Kendari City can satisfy both local and foreign tourists. That means this forest becomes a primary option for those who are visiting Kendari City regardless of the purposes. These include local families and travelers, as the forest has numerous types of attractions. In fact, photographers would have a good time there.

Apart from being a recreational spot for tourists, Nanga-Nanga Forest serves as a place for researching. Many nature types of research keep doing their jobs in preserving the nature by conducting a research in this forest. With these important roles, the government should pay more attention to the facilities and marketing efforts of Nanga-Nanga. This kind of potential vacation spot should not be wasted! Instead, it should be one of the best lures of Kendari City.

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How to Get There
It is easy to reach Nanga-Nanga Forest, especially for those who live in Kendari City. The trip only takes a few minutes as the distance is 5 km. The best route to use is Madjied Joenoes Street. As an alternative, you can take Poros Bandara Haluoleo Street. For those who come from Jakarta, you need head to Kendari City first. In this case, your destination will be Haluoleo Airport. Later, you only need to visit the forest either using a taxi or mini bus.

Where to Stay

  • City Hotel Kendari
  • Dragon Inn
  • Grand Clarion Hotel

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