Witnessing the Horse Fight Tradition in Muna Island, Southeast Sulawesi Province

It is true not all people love cruelty, but some consider it interesting and worth an observation. Here is an example. The name is horse fight tradition, which is performed in Raha (Muna Island). As the name suggests, two male horses may fight on an open field and they are watched by the locals and tourists. According to people of Muna, this tradition is performed to welcome important guests or during special events. Also, it will be performed when there is a special request by someone.

The Nuance
As mentioned before, the fight consists of two male horses. In order to ignite the fight, the locals may bring a female horse so the males will fight to win their mate. The size of the field is quite big, so it can accommodate both the horses and the spectators. As for the background, it is a small forest with bushes. The audience is likely to surround those horses, standing. It is because the match is quite fierce and exciting, so you don’t want to miss any scenes of it.

Watching the Horse Fight Tradition
At the beginning of the fight, the locals bring the female horse to the field. This animal will ignite the war, as two male horses fight to win their mate. Once the male horses enter the field, they may provoke each other and attack using their feet & mouth. It is a fierce fight, so the audience will see blood and severe wounds. Not to mention the other audience shout out loud to these horses. The nuance is indeed merry, as many locals gather in this location and witness the match. Sometimes, a local reporter comes to the location to record the match.

Apart from being a type of entertainment, this horse fight also becomes a betting medium. The locals take advantage of the match to win money from other spectators, which become a common tradition in Muna Island. Even tourists or visitors can join the betting. The thing is the fight won’t let any horse dies. It is because the judge may stop the fight once one of the horses is cornered, which signals its defeat. That means the horses won’t get further wounds and die meaninglessly.

For those who want to witness this tradition, it is better to come at the right time. Usually, people of Muna conduct the horse fight during the local holidays. For example, it is during the anniversary of Southeast Sulawesi Province. The thing is not all horses are allowed to join the fight. That means the owners should fulfill the qualifications prior to registering their horses. These include a good physical condition and an attractive appearance

Nearby Attractions

  • Raha Square
  • Jati Monument
  • Ubur-Ubur Lake
  • Napabale Beach
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How to Get There
The best location to witness the horse fight tradition is in Raha, which is located on Muna Island. If you come from Kendari City, the trip may take approximately 8 hours and the distance is 147 km. It even involves a ferry, as you need to cross the sea. Actually, it is possible to reach Muna from different locations, but it takes a more intricate route.

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