Koguna Beach in Buton Regency, Southeast Sulawesi Province

Natural attraction gives both comfortable and peaceful feeling to travelers. It can be anything, especially beaches. In Southeast Sulawesi Province, there is tourists’ favorite destination called Koguna Beach. The location is in South Lasalimu District and it belongs to Buton Regency. The beach is famous for its crystal clear water and comfortable nuance. The best activity to do in Koguna is swimming. Thanks to its calm and warm seawater. In a nutshell, the beach is suitable either for a family vacation or relaxation. It also becomes a good place to get closer to nature.

The Nuance
As mentioned before, the water is clear and calm. Perhaps it is the main lure of Koguna Beach. Next, it is the sand. The color is creamy and it is quite soft. Due to this fact, it is possible to conduct beach walking in a comfortable manner. The beach also features plethora plants and trees. These shady florals create a refreshing atmosphere on the beach. You can simply sit and relax under them. In a particular part of the beach, there is a hill. It looks majestic and beautiful. Not to mention it contributes to the value of Koguna Beach.

Exploring Koguna Beach
The most famous feature of the beach is the unspoiled forest. The location is in the back of the beach. Many types of plants and trees grow there. These create a shady and comfortable atmosphere for tourists. Near to this location, there is a swamp. The plants and trees grow well here, which are similar to mangroves. What about the fauna? Several red shrimps live here. In the north part, you may find a small cliff. Below, there is a small river. The water is clear and fresh. It is possible to swim in it, as well.

The best time to visit Koguna Beach is during holidays. More people come to the beach on weekends, too. This way, this area becomes merrier. The thing is you can’t find any facilities. The beach emits a natural ambiance, so it is perfect for relaxation. Only traditional huts are available. Tourists can use it to sit and relax while enjoying the sea scenery. Sometimes, local sellers use the hut to sell snacks and drinks. You may expect them in holidays only.

A trip to Koguna Beach is considered fun and entertaining. From Pasarwajo, you need to take 2 hours. If you come from Lasalimu City, the trip only takes 45 minutes. Not to mention it involves a traditional boat called “ketinting”. Once you reach the beach, many activities are waiting for you. These include a recreation, sightseeing, beach walking, etc. Hopefully, the government improves the facilities and accommodations near to the beach. There is a chance of new facilities like resorts, in fact.

Nearby Attractions

  • Katembe Beach
  • Buton Palace Fort

How to Get There
Here is the thing. A trip to Koguna Beach takes much time. From Kendari, your first destination is Raha in Muna Island. Next, you may continue your journey to Bau-Bau City. From here, your last destination is South Lasalimu District in Buton Regency. Some parts of your trip involve a ferry, as well. This whole trip takes about 14-15 hours. The distance is 315 km.

Where to Stay

  • Galaxy Inn Hotel
  • Calista Beach Hotel

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