Playing Kites in Raha Square, Southeast Sulawesi Province

Many types of tourist activities are available in Southeast Sulawesi Province. For example, there is Raha Square. As the name suggests, it is a regular city square located in Raha City. The thing is tourists often come to this location to enjoy numerous fun activities. Apart from jogging and relaxing, the square also becomes a popular site to fly kites. No wonder, many locals are seen playing kites in this park. That means it will be crowded in holidays. Are you interested?

The Nuance
In terms of size, Raha Square is not quite big. Still, it is able to accommodate many people at once. The grass looks dry, especially in summer. The square features mainly trees in the corner. There is also a building nearby. The location is in Ahmad Yani Street and it belongs to Muna Regency. During weekends, some people come here and fly kites. They fly distinct shape and color of kites, in fact. For outsiders, it is possible to join this local event. What you need is a good kite and skills in how to fly it.

Exploring Raha Square
The best thing to do in Raha Square is playing kites with the locals. Mostly, people of Raha come to the square in the afternoon because the weather is nice and the wind is strong. Tourists are allowed to join the event regardless of the skills. It is because you only need a good kite and basic skills to fly it. Each kite suits different types of wind, so you must pick it well. Otherwise, you are not able to fly it at all.

Here is an idea. Why don’t you ask the locals regarding a good kite? They are likely to help you choose the right kite for the right wind. Apart from it, weather also holds a significant effect on the flight. A kite won’t fly well either in too strong or too light wind. In order to be able to fly the kite well, you can simply follow the instructions of the locals. They have done this fun activity for years, after all.

Raha Square is not only about the kites, but it also becomes a good location to relax and jogging. In the afternoon, many food vendors and souvenir sellers come to this location. They become a good feature of the square, so tourists are able to enjoy snacks and buy interesting items during their visit to the square. Here is a tip for you. The best time to visit is in the celebration of the Independence Day of Indonesia, which is in Augusts 17th.  Why is that? More people come to this area and more attractions are available there.

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How to Get There
Raha Square is located in Ahmad Yani Street in Muna Regency, which becomes your prime destination. From Jakarta, you must head first to Jakarta using an airplane to Haluoleo in Kendari City. From there, take a local transportation service and a fast boat to Raha or Muna Regency. This trip takes about 8-9 hours, so it is considered a long journey. Not to mention the distance reaches up to 147 km.

Where to Stay

  • Alia Hotel
  • Berlian Hotel

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