Walengkabola Beach in Muna Regency, Southeast Sulawesi Province

What is a recommended tourist spot in Southeast Sulawesi Province? There is one in Muna Regency and the name is Walengkabola Beach. This coastal area is blessed with the perfect natural scenery. The seashore is about 1 km and the sand is pure white. From afar, the beach appears like a painting. Why is the name, actually? It was derived from the local settlement. Walengkabola is located near to the beach, so you may expect many villagers near to this region.

The Nuance
The primary feature of the beach is the white sand. It features soft texture, so you can walk comfortably on it. Next, it is the water. The sea is quite calm and it is possible to swim in it. Near to the seashore, you can see many houses of the villagers. These houses are surrounded by coconut trees and many types of plants, actually. That means you can enjoy fresh coconut drinks easily. In the water, you can find local boats sometimes. Not to mention the local kids often play in the water.

Exploring Walengkabola Beach
Many types of facilities are available in Walengkabola Beach. Thus, visitors can have a good time regardless of the purpose of a vacation is. In holidays, you may expect numerous visitors as well. Some of the tourists come from Japan and Brazil, in fact. Thanks to the beauty of the beach. Not to mention there is a famous fountain called Oe Ngkawora. Today, it becomes a primary source of water for those who live in Walengkabola. That means the locals should take care of its purity.

Near to the beach, there is also Moko Nature Bath. Both locals and tourists are allowed to get in the water and relax here. However, the condition is not quite good as the government starts neglecting it. In the past, there was a gazebo and the environment was quite comfortable. Today, it starts losing its charm. Thus, not many tourists would drop by in this area. Instead, they spend much time on the beach and enjoy the breezy wind.

Many activities can be done in Walengkabola Beach. This can be as simple as beach walking. For those who love adventures, you can explore the nearby village. The houses of the villagers appear beautifully somehow. At a particular time, the villagers come to a nearby fountain for collecting water. It becomes a distinct view in this area, for sure. What’s more? Make sure to visit the local cave. The location is in Oempu Village. Have no worries. It is quite reachable from Walengkabola Beach.

Nearby Attractions

  • Napabale Beach
  • Meleura Beach
  • Moko Nature Bath

How to Get There
Some beginners don’t have any clues in how to reach Walengkabola Beach. Well, there are some checkpoints. First, you must head to Kendari City. If you come from Jakarta, your destination will be Haluoleo Airport. From there, use a local transportation service to reach Muna Island. Next, you need to reach Raha City. Your last destination is Tongkuno. A trip from Kendari to Muna Regency takes about 9 hours. The distance is 174 km.

Where to Stay

  • Alia Hotel
  • Andalas Hotel
  • Berlian Hotel

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