The Coconut Monument in Lasusua District, Southeast Sulawesi Province

Just because you are visiting Southeast Sulawesi Province, doesn’t mean you can only enjoy its nature tourism. The thing is this region also offers some unique landmarks and one of them is Coconut Monument, locals called “Tugu Kelapa”. The location is in Lasusua District, and it becomes an icon of the city. Somehow, it also becomes a tourist attraction for the locals and those who drop by in Lasusua. These people come to the location for relaxation, photography, painting, and gathering. The serene nuance also makes it a comfortable spot for gathering with families.

The Nuance
The size of Tugu Kelapa or can be said Kelapa Monument is not quite big and it applies a striped painting, which uses two colors (blue and gold). There is a small sphere on the top of the monument, which is similar to a coconut. No wonder, people named it the Kelapa Monument. This landmark is situated on a foundation and surrounded by several trees. Not to mention it is also protected by fences. If you come to this location in the afternoon, many locals are seen as they use it as the recreational spot.

Exploring Kelapa Monument
Lasusua District is a small region, but it has many tourist lures. Kelapa Monument is one of them and it is worth a visit. The simple yet beautiful landscape makes this monument look more attractive for tourists, actually. This location is also suitable for relaxation. All thanks to the nice weather and shady trees. Not to mention it becomes a favorite spot for those who are visiting Lasusua, regardless of the purposes. It doesn’t have to be a long vacation, as you can enjoy a single day at its best.

The most popular activity in Kelapa Monument is photography. The shape and color of this landmark are somehow unique, so it becomes a worthy object to capture. Even the environment is luring and worth a shot. Therefore, tourists should have prepared the camera prior to visiting the monument. With many interesting objects located in this location, everyone would be grateful for coming there. As an alternative, you can bring a canvas and start drawing the monument as it may help you improve your drawing skills.

Once you enjoy good times in Kelapa Monument, it is time to explore nearby attractions. It will be easy to do a tour since the monument is situated in a strategic location. On top of that, many local transportation services are available and the route is quite easy. A great vacation costs much money, but it is worth the expense. That’s all.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
In order to reach Kelapa Monument, you should head to North Kolaka first. From Kendari, the trip takes much time as the distance is 170 km. It will be longer if you come from other provinces like Jakarta. In this case, your primary destination is Haluoleo Airport in Kendari. Once you get there, the next trip is using any local transportation service to North Kolaka Regency and Lasusua District.

Where to Stay

  • Utama Hotel
  • Berlian Hotel
  • Planet Homestay

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