Ulunggolaka Camp Site in Kolaka Regency, Southeast Sulawesi Province

A vacation in Kolaka Regency should be quite worthy. It is because this region offers numerous options of nature attractions. For instance, there is Ulunggolaka Camp Site. The location is in Ulunggolaka Village and it belongs to Latmbaga District. As the name suggests, it is a spot for camping and getting closer to nature. The pure landscape and wonderful atmosphere make this campsite more popular among adventurers. Somehow, families can also enjoy good times in this location. What they need is proper equipment and a good spot for building a tent.

The Nuance
Ulunggolaka Camp Site is popular for its unspoiled nature, so it becomes a good site for camping. The landscape is comfortable and it is surrounded by different types of plants and bushes. Not to mention it is located near to a waterfall, on which campers can take a bath and enjoy the rejuvenating water. Next, it is quite safe as there are no wild animals around. That means you can spend good times in this location, as the nuance is both comforting and safe.

Exploring Ulunggolaka Camp Site
It is a no brainer. The most popular activity in Ulunggolaka Camp Site is camping. Due to this reason, make sure to carry camping equipment beforehand. These include the tent, flashlights, foods, firewood, lighters, a stove, etc. Not to mention you should carry extra clothes, as you are likely to spend more than 1 day in such camp site. Have no worries, as the environment is safe. That means you don’t need to carry any weapon, as no wild animals may come to the camp site.

Just like other camping events, you can do several outdoor activities in this location. For instance, it is BBQ. The best time to do such activity is in the evening and the items to prepare are a stove or bonfire, meats, seasoning, and plates. When it comes to the drinks, it can be anything like pure water, tea, coffee, or soft drinks. While enjoying the foods, you can sing along with your friends or families. It will be a wonderful night for everyone.

In the morning, it is time to visit a nearby waterfall. It gives you an opportunity to swim and play in the water while listening to the sound of nature. That means visiting the waterfall should be the part of activities when spending good times in the camp site. Also, it is better to come in a group either with families or friends. The purpose is to make it merrier and more memorable.

Nearby Attractions

  • Kakao Monument
  • Tikuarau Waterfall

How to Get There
The distance between Kolaka Regency and Kendari City is 183 km. That means the trip may take about 4-5 hours. For a faster trip, always take the main route, which is Poros Unaaha-Pondidaha Street. Also, you need to use the right vehicle for a private car or rented car. It helps you reach the location in a more comfortable manner. If necessary, you also need to hire a tour guide. This person will be your guide in exploring the campsite and nearby attractions.

Where to Stay

  • Nabila Hotel
  • Sutan Raja Hotel

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