The Paradise Peak (Puncak Kahyangan) in Tomia Island, Wakatobi District

People have recognized Wakatobi as a recommended vacation spot in Indonesia. Many beautiful islands reside in such region, including Tomia. Apart from exotic nautical attractions, the island also holds other nature tourist spots. Here is a reference. The name is “Puncak Kahyangan”. The meaning is the peak of paradise! It is located in East Tomia Sub-district and becomes a popular spot for numerous fun activities. Many travelers choose that high area as their favorite tourist destination, especially for sightseeing. They also come to the location for trekking and photography, actually.

The Nuance
The nature scenery seen from the Paradise Peak is worth tons of beauty. The first feature is a savanna with its lush grasses. Thanks to the presence of it. Visitors can walk one it and reach the top of the hill comfortably. A small trekking won’t cost much energy and time, as well. Once they reach the peak, they can see a sign landmark of Tomia. The letters consist of three colors, which are orange, red, and green. It becomes the sign that visitors have reached the best spot for sightseeing, actually.

Exploring Puncak Kahyangan
In accordance with the explanation above, Puncak Kahyangan provides lots of fun to tourists. For example, there is trekking. Well, like it or not, visitors need to reach the peak by walking. That means trekking is the part of the adventure. Along the way to reach the top of the Paradise Peak, they can enjoy nature scenery and feel the gusty wind. It is both relaxing and fun. Not to mention it gives the chance to tourists for exercising. Reaching the peak takes some efforts, after all. Plus, the landscape is challenging.

Once they reach the peak, they can simply sit and enjoy the nuance. The wind is quite refreshing and the nature views are mesmerizing! Two most popular activities are photography and enjoying the sunset. Thus, everyone should have been there before the dusk. It is also recommended to come in the morning, as the air is the freshest. That means people should not come at noon, as the weather is quite hot. It is going to be a tiring trip, after all. This explains why tourists are rarely seen at noon.

As for the tips, it is better to carry some snacks and bottled water. It helps to replenish tourists’ depleted stamina when reaching Puncak Kahyangan. Next, they must come in a good stamina! Otherwise, they won’t be able to enjoy the trip in a comfortable manner. Some spots in Paradise Peak is suitable for camping, after all. For those who love camping, it is recommended to hire a porter. Carrying tents and equipment is a troublesome task, so it is better to take advantage of others’ help.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
Puncak Kahyangan is quite reachable. First, travelers should visit the prime checkpoint, which is Wangi-Wangi Island. Once they arrive at Matahora Airport, their next destination is the nearby port. Later, they must take a speedboat to Tomia Island. Another trip is required from Usuku (the capital of East Tomia Sub-district to the Paradise Peak. It takes about 25 minutes.

Where to Stay
Wakatobi Patuno Resort

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