Eengkapala Nature Bath in Bone Village, Southeast Sulawesi Province

A busy city life often causes problems to people, including stresses and burdens. In order to eradicate these issues, a recreation is needed. It is as simple as visiting Eengkapala Nature Bath, which is located in Bone Village and it belongs to North Buton Regency. The refreshing water and comfortable nuance never disappoint visitors. Not to mention the location is near to Bone Beach, which is also a good option for a recreation. That means you can visit two different tourist spots in one go.

The Nuance
What makes Eengkapala Nature Bath is different than others? It is the shape of a boat! No one knows how it was created, though. When it comes to the depth, it is about 10 meters. That means it is a little bit dangerous for kids who get in the water without supervision. Next, it is the taste of the water. Even though it is situated near to the sea, it tastes fresh. It is even drinkable! What’s next? It is the comfortable nuance, as the nature bath is surrounded by unspoiled nature.

Exploring Eengkapala Nature Bath
One of the reasons in visiting Eengkapala Nature Bath is the trip, as you can see a pure nature of Bone Village. On weekends, this place becomes quite crowded as many locals and families come to the nature bath for a recreation. Somehow, the atmosphere can be uncomfortable with many people swarming in this location. This explains why some tourists prefer workdays to weekends when it comes to visiting Eengkapala Nature Bath. This way, you get more spaces while bathing in this pond.

Thanks to the facilities, visitors can enjoy the nature bath in a comfortable manner. That means there is a room for changing clothes and resting. Due to this excellent service, any visitors should pay the entry fee, which is quite affordable. If you get lucky, you don’t even need to pay the ticket. Why is that? Sometimes, the keeper is not available so any tourists can explore this nature bath freely. The thing is you need to come at the right time, which is anytime except holidays.

Eengkapala Nature Bath is part of North Buton Regency’s the best tourist spots, providing a good atmosphere for relaxation. Even the local government tries to improve its facilities, so tourists would like to spend more times there. Hopefully, it attracts more visitors over time, including those who live in other provinces and foreigners. Here is another importance of this tourist spot. Apart from being a nature bath, Eengkapala also becomes a place for family bonding and making new friends.

Nearby Attractions

  • Tonra / Tete Beach
  • Baruttung Waterfall
  • Ponre-Ponre Dam

How to Get There
Your primary destination is North Buton Regency, which takes about 20 hours from Kendari City and the distance is 908 km. For a faster trip, you need to take Poros Ranteangin – Kolala Street and use the right transportation option. In this case, you need to take a car. For a better trip, it is better to carry some snacks and drinks.

Where to Stay

  • Mutiara Sari Cottage
  • Bali Indah Cottage
  • Novena Hotel

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