Rawa Aopa National Park in Bombana Regency, Southeast Sulawesi Province

Combined parks become a national park. It is common sense. Southeast Sulawesi Province has one called Rawa Aopa National Park. It is the home of numerous natural attractions including mangroves, savanna, forests, bushes, and much more. Apart from these features, it is also the home of many exotic animals. Another unique thing about this national park is the location. It belongs to many districts. Not to mention it belongs to two regencies, which are Bombana and Buton. Still, the main gate or entry is located in Bombana Regency.

The Nuance
In terms of nuance, Rawa Aopa National Park consists of different types of landscape. Most of them are trees and grasses. Due to its vastness, visitors are able to explore the park wholeheartedly. It is like walking in an endless field. Thus, you should have come with good stamina. Don’t forget to carry bottled water and a hat. It is because the atmosphere can be quite hot at noon! Thus, your adventure becomes uncomfortable. As an alternative, you should come either in the morning or afternoon.

Exploring Rawa Aopa National Park
As one of the oldest national parks in Indonesia, Rawa Aopa has gained popularity among travelers. It opened for public since 1989. Today, it becomes a great tourist lure in Southeast Sulawesi Province. Many tourist attractions are available in this area. These include Watumohai Mountain and animal conservation. All of them offer beautiful and calm nuance. For those who love an adventure or exploration, you must visit it. Even outsiders are allowed to enter and explore the park. These include foreigners.

The first thing to explore is the flora. Many species of plants live in the forests nearby. Not to mention there are mangroves. Next, you can also witness beautiful birds. Approximately, there are 155 species of birds. Some of them are rare, in fact. Most of the visitors are looking for a chance to witness the special bird species of Southeast Sulawesi Province. The name is “Kacamata Bird”. They look majestic and beautiful! Don’t forget to carry your camera, though. It gives you an opportunity to take beautiful pictures of those birds.

Apart from flora and birds, it is time to see wild animals. Rawa Aopa National Park is the home of tons of deer. The locals call it “Jonga”. They are usually seen in the savanna. Once you have explored these animals, you can visit other interesting spots such as Watumohai Mountain. What’s next? There is even a camping ground in this park. Near to this location, a natural bathing place is available. Tourists are allowed to get in the water, in fact.

Nearby Attractions

  • Adipura Monument
  • Maria Paroki Cave
  • Watumohai Mountain

How to Get There
As mentioned before, the main gate of Rawa Aopa National Park is located in Bombana Regency. Thus, you should head there first. From Kendari, take Poros Unaaha-Pondidaha Street. The trip takes about 2 hours and the distance is 81 km. If you come from Jakarta or other provinces, you can take an airplane to Haluoleo Airport. The destination is Kendari. From there, take a local transportation service to Bombana.

Where to Stay

  • Kharisma 2 Hotel
  • Arisandi Hotel
  • Nugraha Hotel

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