Tamborasi River in Wolo District, Southeast Sulawesi Province

Southeast Sulawesi Province is part of Indonesia and it offers stunning vacation spots for travelers. For example, there is Tamborasi River, which resides in Wolo District. The name is derived from the village of which the river is located, Tamborasi Village. The river combines serene nature and flawless water, which becomes a perfect location for a relaxation and recreation. It is even possible to explore it using a wooden boat, as long as you approach the villagers appropriately. For many, it is better to hire a tour guide as he may help you to talk to the locals and get around the river in a safe manner.

The Nuance
The color of the river water is green and the current is not quite strong. The river is surrounded by shady bushes, trees, and walls. At noon, the sunray is reflected perfectly on the surface of the river and it emits stunning beauty. Another great feature of the river is the wooden boats and there are many of them, especially in the holidays. It is possible either to ride the boat alone or with the guide. The river is safe, so it won’t be difficult to navigate the boat.

Exploring Tamborasi River
The thing is Tamborasi River has short size, which is 20 m in length and 15 meters in width. With this fact, Tamborasi becomes the 2nd shortest river in the world following Georgia’s Reprua River. Despite this thing, the river is quite beautiful with its nature scenery. Not to mention the location is considered unique and it appears like a lake. In fact, some people often get confused whether it is a river or not and they come to the river to take some pictures. Thanks to those unique features.

The water comes from a fountain located in the nearby rocky hill. The color is green and it feels quite refreshing, which is similar to that of the lake. In terms of location, the river is located near to Tamborasi Beach (only a few meters of it). That means tourists are able to visit two different tourist spots at once. On top of that, the water feels different from each location. The beach offers warm water, while the river offers cold and fresh water. Thus, you can choose in which location you are going to swim.

Apart from the lush of nature and fresh water, Tamborasi River also holds an urban legend. According to the locals, those who are able to tie a knot to the trees’ root located in the river bed would be blessed by a long lasting relationship. Still, it is only a legend. That means no one can prove it. Another interesting attraction is the golden monkeys. They are rarely seen, though. You are considered lucky if you encounter one while exploring the river.

Nearby Attractions

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  • Kolaka Mangaji Park

How to Get There
As mentioned before, Tamborasi River is located in Wolo District and it is part of Tamborasi Village. For those who come from Kendari City, it takes about 5 hours and the distance is 227 km. It will be a faster trip if you use Poros Ranteangin-Kolaka Street. When it comes to the best transportation service, you can take either a taxi or rented car. These cost more than regular vehicles, though. For outsiders, an airplane is the most recommended choice and your destination is Haluoleo Airport in Kendari.

Where to Stay

  • Gelora Hotel
  • Merpati Hotel
  • Rahman Hotel

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