Tanjung Kayu Angin Beach in Kolaka Regency, Southeast Sulawesi Province

Not all travelers have heard about Tanjung Kayu Angin Beach, which is located in Southeast Sulawesi Province. This elegant beach lies in Sani-Sani Village, Samaturu. It belongs to Kolaka Regency, actually. Due to its beauty and comfortable nuance, the beach has a potential to be the best tourist spot in Kolaka. It is safe to say it has the same level as Tamborasi Beach, which is also located in the same region. Despite the poor accessibility, Tanjung Kayu Angin is worth a visit.

The Nuance
The beautiful landscape of Tanjung Kayu Angin Beach is no joke, as it combines many nature lures like white sand, crystal clear seawater, coral reefs, hills, and trees. The waves are moderate, but swimming is not recommended for beginners. It is better to enjoy other activities, especially sightseeing and beach walking. In the horizon, you may see some fishermen’s boats passing by. Not to mention there are some in the seashore. Also, the blowy wind becomes another great feature in this coastal area.

Exploring Tanjung Kayu Angin Beach
Thanks to the strategic location of Tanjung Kayu Angin Beach. Visitors are able to enjoy a stunning coastal landscape with all its features. The location is near to small islands, which are scattered in the horizon. The sand is white and the seawater appears dazzling! Not to mention the environment is quite clean and cozy, so tourists can enjoy a comfortable recreation. Also, the beach becomes a good spot to get close to nearby villagers (the people of Sani-Sani Village).

Apart from sightseeing, many other activities are available to do in Tanjung Kayu Angin Beach. For instance, you can enjoy diving. Beautiful corals are waiting for tourists’ exploration and these are situated about 10-20 meters under the sea. Not only you can enjoy majestic corals, but you can also see numerous nautical creatures. With proper diving skills, you are able to enjoy them all! On top of that, the visibility of the water is quite supporting and the current is not dangerous.

The fact is that you can find 18 diving spots, which are scattered in Tanjung Kayu Angin Beach. That means tourists have many options of diving locations, so it is possible to choose the right one based on the skills. Have no worries. An instructor may help you choosing the right diving spot, especially for beginners. Once you enjoy such fun activity, it is time to visit Sani-Sani Village on which you can try delicious local foods and witness interesting local cultures.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
For those who come from Kendari City, the trip takes about 5 hours as the distance is 209 km. When it comes to the fastest route, travelers should take Poros Unahaa-Pondidaha Street. The first destination is Kolaka. Later, you must head to Samaturu District and lastly Sani-Sani Village. The thing is it involves a little bit trekking, as the beach is considered secluded. Have no worries. With a little effort, you will be rewarded with a piece of heaven!

Where to Stay

  • Merpati Hotel
  • Rahman Hotel
  • Pratama Hotel

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