Berova Beach in Lasusua District, Southeast Sulawesi Province

Tourists should expect many beautiful beaches when visiting Southeast Sulawesi Province. There is one called Berova beach, which is located in Lasusua District and it belongs to North Kolaka Regency. To be exact, the location is Pitulua Village. Apart from its luring beauty, the beach is also famous for its “Pier of Love”. The locals call it “Dermaga Cinta”, actually. Due to its flawless charm and exotic nature, Berova Beach also becomes a place for relaxing and sightseeing. Somehow, the atmosphere is suitable for bonding with families or even the special one.

The Nuance 
Vast sea scenery is the main attraction in Berova Beach, which appears mesmerizing. It combines with the gusty wind and a serene nuance. Once you get to the beach, what you feel is only a peaceful and comfortable feeling. Not to mention there is the Pier of Love, on which you can relax and enjoy nature views. The pier features a small park with some plants. In the tip of it, may find two gazebos where you can relax. Many families and other visitors also take advantage of this pier for fishing, actually.

Exploring Berova Beach
Berova Beach has been recognized by both the locals and outsiders. All thanks to the local government. In the past, the name was “Pantai Wisata Pasir Putih”. It was famous among the fishermen as the resting place, especially during bad weather. Today, the beach becomes everyone’s tourist spot due to its beauty and good landscape. So, why the local government changed its name to Berova? It is because the location is surrounded by Berova Tree! It is the prime feature of the beach, after all.

Apart from witnessing sea scenery, there is a popular tourist activity in Berova Beach. It is a no brainer. All tourists would definitely reach the “Pier of Love” once they get to the beach. At this site, the views of the sea appear more beautifully. It also becomes the spot for fishing and enjoying the breeze of the wind. Not to mention it is considered the best spot to witness stunning views of sunset and sunrise, which are quite romantic. As the name suggests, couples often spend good times in this location.

The seawater is calm and clear, on which tourists can swim and play water sports. For parents with kids, it is better to rent the floating tire prior to getting in the water. The price is affordable, so everyone can afford it. Apart from swimming, people also take advantage of the beach for conducting special events. These include BBQ and Jamboree

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
Berova Beach belongs to North Kolaka Regency. If you come from Kendari, you may spend a trip for 4 hours. It is because the distance between Kendari City and North Kolaka is 170 km. From there, your next destination is Lasusua District. Next, you need to head to Pitulua Village where the beach is situated. It will be a comfortable trip if you use the right vehicle and choose the right route, actually. Thus, be wise!

Where to Stay

  • Utama Hotel
  • Berlian Hotel
  • Planet Homestay

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