Wakumoro Nature Bath in Muna Regency, Southeast Sulawesi Province

Many options are available to get relieved. For example, you can spend good times in a nature bath. If you are visiting Southeast Sulawesi Province, you must head to Muna Regency. There is a tourist spot called Wakumoro Nature Bath. It is always crowded, especially on the weekend. Many local families come to this location to enjoy the fresh water and feel the serene atmosphere. As the name suggests, this nature bath is situated in Wakumoro District. It is about 45 km from Raha City.

The Nuance
Wakumoro Nature Bath is actually a fountain. The water is fresh and calm. It is suitable for everyone regardless of age. However, kids should use a floating tire when swimming in the water. It is because some parts of the water are deep. Tourists don’t have to swim or play in the water, though. They can simply sit and relax nearby while observing their family members who are playing in the water. In terms of nuance, the location is surrounded by some trees. These provide a more comfortable

Exploring Wakumoro Nature Bath
It is a no brainer. The best thing to do in Wakumoro Nature Bath is to get in the water. The temperature is fresh. Somehow, it helps you to replenish your stamina. Since it is a public bath, you may expect many visitors. In holidays, this place becomes quite crowded. That means you have an opportunity to make some new friends. For foreigners, it is a little bit difficult to talk to the locals. In this case, you can simply enjoy the water. If you can’t talk any Indonesian Language, just smile!

Apart from bathing, visitors can do other things. For example, it is to relax and enjoy local snacks. Several food vendors come to this location, especially in holidays. They sell fresh drinks and snacks. Usually, they gather in a particular spot near to the nature bath. What types of foods do they sell? These include buras, lapa-lapa, rice cakes, and much more. Make sure to carry some money, though. It is likely you are going to spend more than you have prepared.

Most of the visitors come from Muna, Bau-Bau, and Buton. Sometimes, foreigners also visit Wakumoro Nature Bath. That means the popularity of this tourist spot is no joke! Apart from this nature bath, there are other vacation destinations in Wakumoro. The best reference is the old mosque of Muna. The location is in the south part of Raha. The distance is 35 km. Not to mention there are several beaches nearby. Make sure to visit them, as well.

Nearby Attractions

  • Meleura Beach
  • Napabale Beach

How to Get There
A trip to Wakumoro Nature Bath takes much time. It is because you need to pass through several checkpoints. From Kendari, your prime destination is Muna Regency. Next, you can directly head to Wakumoro District. The nature bath belongs to this region, after all. The whole trip takes about 9-10 hours. It depends on the traffic and the type of vehicle you are using. The distance is roughly 196 km.

Where to Stay

  • Berlian Hotel
  • Spiti Mou
  • Alia Hotel

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