Batu Gong Beach in Kapoiala District, Southeast Sulawesi Province

People have a different preference when it comes to a beach vacation. Some of them love to enjoy calm waves and peaceful sea nuance, while the others love to visit a beach with strong waves. If you belong to the second group, Batu Gong Beach is definitely recommended. This beautiful beach features rough waves so you can hear the splash of the water in the shorelines. Where is it, actually? The location is in Kapoiala District and it belongs to Konawe Regency with an easy accessibility.

The Nuance
Batu Gong Beach features mainly coral reefs and stones. That means you can see many of them in the shorelines as if there is no part of the beach made of sand. What about the seawater? The color is crystal clear and you can tell that it is quite beautiful. As mentioned before, the waves are definitely strong so it is not suitable for swimming. On the other hand, you can try a casual surfing or simply enjoy beach walking. Either way, the beach gives you a relaxing feeling.

Exploring Batu Gong Beach
Due to its popularity, Batu Gong Beach has been recognized both among local and foreign tourists. Thanks to its strategic location, travelers can reach it without hassles (only takes 30 minutes from Kendari City). During holidays, the beach will be quite crowded as tourists come there to enjoy a wonderful holiday. The great nuance and stunning sea scenery become the major rules of the beach. Not to mention the water is quite tempting for those who want to swim and play water in it.

Many tourists are impressed by Batu Gong Beach. It is not only because of the beauty, but also its affordable ticket. Even if you come with the whole families, it won’t take much time because the kids cost cheaper than adults. What is the next benefit? The local government has built several villas near to the beach, so tourists can spend more than one day in such location. On top of that, there are some gazebos scattered in this area so tourists can use them to relax, sit, and bond with their families.

Those gazebos aren’t free, which means tourists need to pay prior to using it. Have no worries as the price is negotiable. Once you pay the fee, you are allowed to use it for the whole day. Not to mention you can share the rent fee with other members of your group. In the end, it won’t cost as much money as you think and you can use the rest of the money to buy grilled fishes.

Nearby Attractions

  • Sawa Beach

How to Get There
Batu Gong Beach is located in Kapoiala District and it belongs to Konawe Regency. For those who come from Kendari City, the trip takes roughly 1-2 hours and the distance is 40 km. The best route to take is Poros Pohara-Laosu Street. What about outsiders? For those who come from Jakarta, a flight to Kendari’s Haluoleo Airport is quite primary. Once you get there, you shall continue your trip to Kapoila District.

Where to Stay

  • Dewa Bintang Hotel
  • Agung Hotel
  • Athaya Hotel

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