Bintang Island in Tolala District, Southeast Sulawesi Island

Some travelers have recognized the beauty of Southeast Sulawesi Island. It is because many alluring tourist spots are available in such region, especially Bintang Island. This unique island is located in Tolala District and it is part of North Kolaka Regency. The island is famous for its nautical beauty, white sandy beach, and jaw-dropping landscape. Another plus point is the location, as the island is easy to reach from different locations. That means travelers can visit it either by air or sea.

The Nuance
Bintang Island means “the island of star” despite there is no star at all in the island. What you can find are a charming beach and shady plants. In the shorelines, you can even see many local boats passing by. It is because many visitors come to the island over time, as it becomes more popular each day. What’s more? Some parts of the island feature a hill with coral reefs, and it looks quite majestic. No wonder, many photographers come to the island to capture some pictures and couples often come there for a pre-wedding photo session.

Exploring Bintang Island
The island is considered as a hidden beauty of North Kolaka Regency and it becomes a recommended vacation destination for tourists. The thing is Bintang Island is not quite popular like other tourist spots in Southeast Sulawesi Province. Due to its secluded location, the island remains pure and unspoiled. Therefore, most tourists come to the island for sightseeing and enjoying the scenery. It is even possible to take beautiful pictures in some parts of it, which makes the islands a strategic destination for photography.

Apart from the charming scenery, the island is also famous for its Bintang Cape or Tanjung Bintang. It is the location to witness stunning views of nautical beauty, including fishes and corals. Tourists are allowed to explore this location either by swimming or riding a boat. Here is the thing. You may need to get help from a tour guide, as he may help you to get around the island. They don’t cost much if you know how to bargain. Being able to speak the Indonesian Language is a plus point. That means you can negotiate with the tour guide regarding the price.

Another thing to do in Bintang Island is visiting the nearby village, where the locals live. Most of the villagers work as a fisherman, so you can expect many boats near to the village. Not to mention some locals sell fishes and other commodities to the tourists. If you bring much money, you should buy some of these things. At the end of your vacation, don’t forget to taste local foods. It is even possible to join the villagers for dinner if you are lucky enough!

Nearby Attractions

  • Taipa Beach
  • Oheo Blue Lake
  • Wawolesea Hot Spring

How to Get There
Bintang Island is part of North Kolaka Regency and it is located in Tolala District. From Kendari City, the distance is 142 km and it takes about 3-4 hours to reach the location. For a faster trip, you can take Poros Bungku – Kendari Street. Later, you need to continue your journey using a speedboat to reach the island. Have no worries, as it takes only a few minutes.

Where to Stay

  • Asera Great Hotel
  • Sawa Beach Resort
  • Anugerah Hotel

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