Panggulawu Beach in Sawa District, Southeast Sulawesi Province

Sawa District is part of Southeast Sulawesi Province on which many tourist spots lie. One of them is called Panggulawu Beach and it is situated in Pudonggala Village. People in North Konawe Regency should be proud of this beach, as it offers a simple and cozy landscape for a recreation. In recent years, travelers come to Panggulawu to enjoy some activities like water sports, beach walking, relaxation, and witnessing a “tongkang” (a local boat). Despite lacking facilities, the beach never fails to astonish visitors regardless of the age. That means kids are also seen in this location, as they come with their parents.

The Nuance
It is easy to describe Panggulawu Beach, as there are not many features. To be frank, it only features basic attractions like sea, sand, and trees. The waves are moderate, so it is possible to swim in the water. For kids, it is better to rent a floating boat prior to getting the water. The locals have built several tents in the shorelines and offer such facility to tourists. Even you can negotiate regarding the price of the rent fee.

Exploring Panggulawu Beach
Even though it is possible to swim in the sea, the locals won’t say so. It is because the waves are not predictable, which are quite dangerous for beginners. As an alternative, tourists can simply take a walk in the beach and take some pictures using a camera. Another casual activity to do in Panggulawu Beach is eating lunch with families with the sea scenery as its background. Not to mention the gusty wind makes it more comfortable for you.

The next lure of Panggulawu Beach is the corals, having the size of 90 Ha. It consists of different types of corals and it attracts many professional divers over time. With proper diving gears, you can even explore those nautical attractions. The thing is it is only suitable for expert divers, as the sea current is a little bit stronger than other diving spots. Hiring an instructor is a good idea, but it may cost some money. This expert may accompany and lead you during diving, which is a wonderful service for beginners.

Another thing to do in Panggulawu Beach is family bonding. Many fun activities and games will enhance your relationship with your family. For instance, it is building the sand castle. Families can teach their kids how to play with the sand, so it becomes an opportunity for bonding as well. Not only the beach is suitable for families, but it also becomes favorite places among couples. They come to the beach during a sunset to enjoy a romantic atmosphere there.

Nearby Attractions

  • Sawa Beach
  • Taipa Beach
  • Persatuan Monument

How to Get There
Panggulawu Beach belongs to Sawa District and it is part of North Konawe Regency. The distance is 68 km if it is from Kendari City. That means the trip may take about 2 hours more or less. It can be faster, actually. What you need to do is to use Poros Bungku-Kendari Street, which is considered the fastest route. If you come from other provinces, your destination will be Haluoleo Airport in Kendari City. It is because you involve an airplane in your trip.

Where to Stay

  • Sawa Beach Resort
  • Zenith Hotel
  • Dragon Inn

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