Harapan Pomalla Beach in Kolaka Regency, Southeast Sulawesi Province

Kolaka Regency is part of Southeast Sulawesi Province and it offers several good tourist spots for travelers. As for example, there is Harapan Pomalla Beach. As the name suggests, this tourist spot was built by Antam Pomalla LTD, as the management wanted to provide a recreational place for their employees and the families. Also, the beach is open for public, so everyone is allowed to explore this location freely. Today, the beach becomes a good option for relaxation and sightseeing. Tourists are able to see a wondrous landscape from the beach, as well.

The Nuance
In terms of nuance, Harapan Pomalla Beach is quite simple but serene. There is a small park located on the shoreline, where tourists can relax and spend good times. Not to mention there is a gazebo for relaxation and gathering with families. The beach also has some decorations like small trees, colored tires, and some facilities. When it comes to the sand, it is brown and it is suitable for beach walking as well. As mentioned before, you can witness a beautiful and mountainous area from the beach.

Exploring Harapan Pomalla Beach
Despite a plain nuance, Harapan Pomalla Beach becomes a nice place for a recreation. Most of the visitors are those who work in a nearby corporation. Here is the thing. Some parts of the beach are covered by “Slag”, which is not good for health. Due to this reason, tourists should not swim in the water. The only option is beach walking and sit in the nearby garden. The wind is a little bit strong, though. In this case, you need to wear proper clothes so you won’t get troubled while exploring the beach.

The name derives from the Indonesian Language, which means the hope in the future. It is likely the beach becomes more than a recreational place for tourists, but also acts as a symbol of success. Not to mention it is quite reachable, which takes only 30 minutes from Kolaka City. Once you get to the beach, you may see a formation of mangroves surrounding the entry point of this tourist spot. Somehow, these features are quite comforting for tourists.

Harapan Pomalla Beach also features 3 swimming pools. Two of them have the size of 20x20 m2 and the depth is about 1 m. These two are suitable for kids, as they are safe and comfortable. The other one is a little bit deeper and it is suitable for adults. Have no worries as there is a keeper and he may give you some precautions regarding how to swim and play in the ponds safely.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
The question is how tourists can reach Harapan Pomalla Beach. Actually, it is quite easy as tourists only need to visit Kolaka Regency first. From Kendari City, the trip may take about 4-5 hours as the distance is 182 km. Also, the fastest way is Poros Unaaha-Pondidaha Street. For those who come from Jakarta, you need to reach Kendari first by using an airplane to Haluoleo Airport. From there, take any available transportation service to Kolaka. It is as simple as that.

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